How will the corona vaccine reach you? Know – The whole process from storage to vaccination

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The Corona vaccine is going to be a reality now, a trial run of vaccination is going on in the country. Vaccination is expected to be approved soon, after which vaccination will be started on a large scale.

As the new year draws to a close, the dream of the corona vaccine has started to come true. Vaccine can be approved soon in the country, but before that, preparations have started on a large scale in the country. On Monday, a dry run is being done on vaccination in some places in India, in which the entire process will be tested till the vaccine is delivered from the vaccine center to someone. After all, how will a corona vaccine reach you?

The government has already said that the country will get the vaccine in any week of January. But there is also a long process before any person reaches the vaccine. Storing the vaccine, sending the vaccine to the states and then transporting it to the district, city, village level.

To test this process of vaccine, two-day dry runs are taking place in Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Assam. Real vaccination will be prepared from the dry run itself. In which this process will be …

  • The vaccine consignment will be sent from the depot to different districts.
  • While taking the vaccine, special care has to be taken of the temperature, so the temperature will be measured repeatedly. So far, every vaccine company has spoken of a different temperature for their vaccine.
  • When this process is going on, then only those who need to be vaccinated will be sent an SMS.
  • Vaccination team will be mentioned in that message, along with time and place will also be written.

Let us tell you that to give the Corona vaccine, the government has also prepared the CoWin app, this is also being tested in the dry run. A report will be prepared on the difficulties that will come during the dry run, the experience and time that will be taken. On which the group of national experts will brainstorm, so that the entire plan regarding vaccination is implemented.

Vaccine is being installed in many countries

Significantly, three vaccines are their important stop in the country at this time. Among them is the Covid-Shield of Oxford-AstraZeneca, which is being prepared by Serum India, the Bharat Biotech’s covine vaccine and Pfizer’s vaccine, for which permission has been sought for use of immunology.

Let us know that in the past, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had said that initially there will be a target of providing vaccine to 300 million people in India, which will include health workers, security personnel, other corona warriors and elderly people. Apart from this, about 1 crore vaccines are being reserved for those who are less than 50 years old but have some disease.

On the one hand, preparations for giving vaccine in India are in the final stage, on the other hand, in countries like America and Britain, vaccines have been given to millions of people so far. He has got about 6 lakh vaccines in Britain, about two million in America and about two lakh in Israel.

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