Imran Khan connected India to rape and said – that’s why Ertarul brought

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the capital of India, New Delhi, has become the rape capital of the world and this has happened due to vulgarity in Bollywood films.

In an interview given to a private news channel in Pakistan on Monday, the Pakistani PM was asked a question about a gang rape on the highway in Karachi.

There is a lot of resentment in Pakistan about this gang rape and there have been demonstrations about it.

Emraan Khan said in this interview, “The history of the world tells us that when there is iniquity in the society, there are two main things. Sex crime increases and family dignity is broken. Sex crime will not stop only by law.” For this society also has to be committed only then sexual offenses can be stopped. Our family system is better than in the West. This is the best thing for us. We can fix the judicial system but if the family is broken then add it again Won’t be easy. “

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that films affect the society and people behave accordingly.

Attitude towards Turkish TV drama

Imran Khan said, “Bollywood movies are not made like they used to be 40 years ago, and they have also had an impact on society. There is a lot of vulgarity in Bollywood films and you can see the effect of this. Delhi is the rape capital of the world.” Has been made. “

Imran Khan said that he therefore turned to the Turkish TV drama so that our own things could be set up.

The Pakistani PM said, “We have seen the devastation in India. We do not want that destruction. That’s why I brought the Turkish TV drama Ertarul through Turkish President Ardoआनan. People used to tell me that Bollywood is only seen in Pakistan. But I believed that we should show Pakistanis things that have Islamic values, Islamic history and can see the whole family sitting together. We want to get close to our culture and learn its morality. Whenever there is unconsciousness in the society Crimes increase and it needs to be understood.

Want to make new pakistan

Imran Khan said that the rapists should hang in public on the square.

He said, “I have spoken of punishing the rapists in public for hanging on the plaza. Although people said that it would not be internationally acceptable. But I want the rapists to have such surgery after which They should be denied and they will not be able to commit any sexual offense. “

Imran Khan said that he wants to build a new Pakistan and it is a long process.

Pakistani PM said that this is not going to happen in two days because Pakistan’s economic condition was not right before coming to power.

Imran Khan said, “Just like the world had changed after 9/11, the world has changed after Kovid 19. The former world is no more.”

On the question of israel

Should Pakistan accept Israel? In response to this question, Imran Khan said that agreements have to be made in life but we cannot compromise with every principle.

Imran Khan said, “Bahrain and the UAE accepted Israel. This is their decision. We cannot comment on that. But we cannot ignore the way the people of Palestine are living. Unless the Palestinians accept it. We will not accept till then. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did not accept either and we will not.

Regarding Kashmir, Imran Khan said, “Narendra Modi has blundered in Kashmir and it was not known to him. But now this matter has been internationalized. Whenever Kashmiris get an opportunity, they will come to the fore.  We will raise the issue of Kashmir in the UN General Assembly this time and will raise it very strongly. “

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