In India-China stand-off, Russia will stand with India, Russian TV made it clear

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If war starts in India and China, then in such a situation, Russia will stand with India and nobody else but Russia’s biggest media house, Russian TV, has clarified the tension in India and China these days. It has increased, this tension has been increased by China itself, China has sent its army to the border of Sikkim and then Ladakh, after which India has also withdrawn its army, after the Indian army reached the border, Chinese notes changed. And China is now advocating negotiation, and Russia is probably behind it

Russian TV made it clear that if there is war between India and China, then Russia will stand with India in such a situation.

Russian TV in its special coverage about Ladakh said that China is making a mistake, China has only increased the tension, while in this era when people are battling Corona, China is doing wrong things. Russian TV said – India It is a sensible country and never takes the initiative of tension, China is behind all the tension that is going on in Ladakh, Russian TV has cleared its coverage that Russia is responsible for India-China tension and if China is responsible If there is a war, then Russia will be standing in favour of India, knowing that Russia is also realizing that India will continue to buy arms from it in the coming times, while China does not buy so many weapons from it, India too is more important.

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