Iran hangs young player Naveed Afkari

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Wrestling youngster Naveed Afkari was hanged in Iran on a murder charge while an appeal was being made to pardon him all over the world.

Naveed was punished for the murder of a security guard during the anti-government demonstrations of 2018.

He said that he was forced to confess to the crime.

Human rights organization Amnesty International has described his hanging as a blow to justice.

The institution has a leaked recording of the officer in which he was saying, “If I am hanged, I want to tell you that to an innocent person who tried and dared to show his favor. He was finally hanged. “

Iran’s official media has confirmed his hanging.

His lawyer said that unlike the law of Iran, he was not allowed to meet his family even before his death.

Lawyer Hassan Unesi wrote on Twitter – “Were you in such a hurry that you didn’t even give Nawid a chance of last farewell?”

85 thousand players of the World Players Association raised their voice against this punishment. The association says that Naveed has been unfairly targeted for taking part in the protests.

The association also said that if Iran hangs them, the country will be excluded from the world of sports.

US President Donald Trump also appealed for an apology and said that this player had just participated in anti-government demonstrations.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote on Twitter, “We are with the family and all Iranians mourning the death of Naveed Afarkar at the hands of a cruel government. His life, his death will not be forgotten.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has expressed disappointment over the incident and said that they are with the family in this hour of grief.

In its statement, the IOC said that “It is very sad that the players’ appeal to the whole world and our behind-the-scenes efforts have not been successful.”

Human rights activists said that in this case, Afqari’s brother Wahid has been sentenced to 54 years and Habib has been sentenced to 27 years in jail.

In the audio recording leaked from the jail, the officer said that he was being tortured.

His mother said that her sons were forced to make statements against each other.

His lawyer wrote on Twitter that unlike the information reported in Iran’s news reports, there is no video of the death of the security personnel.

He told that the video which was used as evidence is from an hour before the incident.

Iranian officials have dismissed the charge of torture.

Afarkar was the national champion in wrestling. This game is very old and very popular in Iran.

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