Mt. Everest: Corona virus arrives at Mount Everest base camp, climbers’ report come positive

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Corona has spread her feet to the camp of Mount Everest after creating panic all over the world. A Covid patient has been found there, after which many other people have also reported positive.

Corona virus has knocked Mount Everest after causing havoc all over the world. Now its outbreak has reached Everest Base Camp. According to the information, a mountaineer was found Covid positive at the base camp on Wednesday, who has been admitted to a hospital in Kathmandu and is not just a mountaineer who has symptoms of Covid, but also several climbers who have exited the base camp After leaving, the Covid test was done and everyone’s report has come out positive. At the same time, when climbers climb, they cough profusely and also get breathlessness which is a common symptom, but all these symptoms are also found in the corona virus patient. Surprisingly, there is no information about how many people have been infected with Covid there and the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal is keeping silence on it. At the same time, founder of Alpenglow campaigns Adrian Ballinger said that this time there will be more Covid patients than before, whose data is being tried to hide.

Foreign climbers got permits

According to the information, the tourism department of Nepal had issued 377 climbing permits to foreign climbers to climb Everest this year. At the same time, Nepal, one of the poorest countries in Asia, is completely dependent on foreign tourists, the government has already received more than 3.8 million rupees as fees from climbing permits this year.

The journey was stopped due to Covid attack

Last year when Nepal had a Covid attack, Nepal closed its borders and Everest climbing was also stopped. Because of which many climbers who work as guides had lost their livelihood and they were forced to live in poverty.

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