Nirav Modi Extradition: Home department of India, England approved soon to bring Nirav Modi

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Nirav Modi Extradition: Fugitive Nirav Modi will be brought to India soon. The Home Department of England has approved the extradition.

The countdown has started for the fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi to come to India, accused of the Rs 12000 crore scam. After the trial court of London, now the UK Home Department has also stamped the file of extradition of Nirav Modi to India. Keep in mind that a London court had issued orders on February 25 to extradite Nirav Modi to India. Now Nirav Modi will have to file an appeal against this decision in front of the High Court within 14 days or else he will be sent to India.

A top CBI official said that Nirav Modi has been lodged in a London jail for more than one and a half years. Indian investigative agencies had earlier issued Interpol Red Corner notices of Nirav Modi and his maternal uncle Mehul Choksi through Interpol. On the basis of which Nirav Modi was arrested in London.

After his arrest, Nirav Modi challenged the claims of Indian agencies in the court and also filed his bail application. The London court had rejected the bail plea of ​​Nirav Modi after hearing the arguments of Indian investigative agencies lawyer and Nirav Modi’s counsel and ordered him to be kept in jail.

According to a top CBI official, thereafter, the case for extraditing Nirav Modi to India continued in a London court and on 25 February this year, the lower court of London held Nirav Modi guilty under various criminal sections to extradite him Orders were issued.

With this, the court sent its file to the Home Department of London. According to the rules of the London Administration, when a court orders a citizen of a foreign country caught in London to extradite him back to his country, the file is also required to be stamped by the Home Department of England and the whole action takes 28 days. It is considered necessary to be within.

According to a senior CBI official, London Home Department head Preeti Patel today put her formal stamp on this file, with which the countdown to fugitive industrialist Nirav Modi’s return to India has started. Now if Nirav Modi does not challenge this decision in the Supreme Court, he will be sent back to India within the next 28 days.

Keep in mind that the London Court while giving its verdict had said many important things against Nirav Modi, which also said that Nirav Modi conspired with bank officials and Nirav Modi was also involved in money laundering in this whole case. At the same time, the court also rejected the claim of Nirav Modi, in which objection was expressed to his stay in Indian jail.

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