Putin had to apologize to a small country

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has apologized to the President of Serbia, Alexander Vučich.

Russia has confirmed President Putin’s apology.

In fact, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zakharova posted on Facebook a photo of President Vuichich and US President Donald Trump, under which actress Sharon Stone’s legs were photographed.

This objectionable screenshot of the actress’ legs has been taken from the film ‘Basic Instinct’, which had been in a lot of controversy earlier too.

In this post, Mariya wrote that it looks as if President Trump has been questioning President Wüchich.

“If you are called to the White House but your chair is placed as if you have been called for an investigation, it is better that you sit like the other picture (Sharon Stone). No matter what you are. . “

After objecting to this post, Mariya apologized on Sunday. He said that his remarks were misunderstood.

His explanation was that his target was on the arrogance of America, not the President of Serbia.

On Thursday, Wüchich told Serbian TV, “President Putin had never apologized to me for anything, nor did his Foreign Minister Sergei Levarov. But this time both have asked.”

Vuichich said that Putin talked to him on the phone. At the same time, he said, “We both have a good relationship and for me it is an unnecessary and a lost matter.”

Zakharova’s Facebook post came to light when Wüchich signed a cooperation pact with Kosovo at the White House.

His post was seen as Russia’s problem with the relations between Serbia and America.

Serbia has been an ally of Russia for a long time and both do not consider Kosovo as an independent nation.

After this post, President Vuichich commented on TV, “Mariya Zakharova talks mostly about herself and not only about her old thoughts and stupidity, but also about the people who gave her that post is.”

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