Scientist claims – ‘Chicken can spread next virus, threat to half the world’

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A famous American scientist has given a shocking warning. Scientist Michael Gregor has warned the world that such viruses can be released from chicken farms, which may also cause a huge epidemic like the corona virus.

In his new book ‘How to Survive a Pandemic’, Michael Gregor, who advised humans to eat only veg, has said that there is an increased risk of large scale chicken farming. Gregor says that the virus emanating from chicken farms can be so dangerous that it can threaten half the world.

However, no evidence related to Michael Gregor’s ‘prophecy’ has been revealed, nor has any other scientist confirmed his claim. But Michael Gregor says that the close relationship of humans to organisms is threatening their lives.

On the basis of the information so far, it is believed that the corona virus spread to humans from bats or any other organism. For this, the market of fauna in Wuhan of China is considered responsible.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, American scientist Michael Greger claims that the risk of the virus emanating from the chicken farm will be much larger than the corona and it could kill half the population.

Michael Gregor says that because of eating meat, humans are vulnerable to the epidemic. However, other scientists in the world have not confirmed the risk of spreading the virus from chicken. But after the outbreak of Corona, the experts of many countries have demanded the closure of the market of various wild creatures worldwide.

Many countries have also demanded from China that they close the market of wild animals. At the same time, Michael Gregor says that the question is not that if ‘it happened’, it is just a question of when will it happen.

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