The issue of Uygar persecution arose in Britain, MPs passed a resolution accusing China of genocide

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Britain and China may once again get colder. British MPs have passed a resolution accusing China of genocide. China has already put many British leaders in the banned list.

British parliamentarians have passed a parliamentary resolution on Thursday. It declares that China’s policies are against the minority Uygar population residing in its western Xinjiang province. In the proposal, these policies have been termed as genocide and crime against humanity. However, this proposal is not binding on the British government. After this proposal, there have been indications once again that there is anger among Chinese politicians for alleged human rights violations in China.

Britain considers persecution of Uygar population in China similar to genocide

This proposal was proposed by Conservative MP Nus Ghani. He is also one of the five British MPs who were recently banned by China over criticism of his dealings with Uygar. Significantly, the case of alleged human rights violations against Uigar minorities has already arisen in March. China also retaliated against Britain’s action. The British government imposed restrictions on Chinese officials, so in return, Beijing banned British leaders and organizations.

British MPs pass resolution alleging genocide

Many UK leaders, MPs and citizens are in the banned list of China’s Foreign Ministry. All the leaders in the banned list are members of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. Commenting on China’s action, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lauded the role of its leaders. He had said that freedom to raise voice against oppression is fundamental and I stand firmly with him.

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