This country created history, finished Corona on its soil! People are celebrating

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New Zealand has created history. Three months after closing the country’s border, New Zealand has announced to end the Corona virus case in its country. Now there is no corona patient in New Zealand. The active case has become zero. After this, people have started celebrating on social media.

On Monday, New Zealand announced the recovery of the last corona patient. For the past 17 days, not a single new case of Corona has come to light in this country.

The last patient of Corona in New Zealand was over 50 years of age. No symptoms were seen in the last 48 hours in a woman living in Auckland. After this he was discharged from St. Margaret’s Hospital.

Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern is scheduled to address the people of the country at three o’clock on Monday. During this time, the Prime Minister can declare relaxation in the restrictions imposed in the country.

New Zealand Director General of Health Ashlee Bloomfield said that there is no active case of corona in the country after the recovery of the last patient. This is the first time since 28 February. He said that this is quite remarkable, but we have to be cautious about Corona. Please tell that the population of New Zealand is about 49 lakhs. After the first case surfaced on February 28, a total of 1504 cases of Corona were reported in New Zealand. Of these, 22 people died of corona.

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