This track will help you find… with whom some one is chatting the most on WhatsApp

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In the technological age, WhatsApp has become an important part of our life. Every day millions of people send messages to each other on WhatsApp. Whether work is office or personal, WhatsApp helps people to keep connected. But do you know who you interact with the most every day? If not, then today we will tell you such a trick by which you will be able to find the answer to this question.

In the morning, the WhatsApp wall of people is filled with messages. Some of these are good morning messages and some are office ones, which you reply accordingly. By the end of the day, you have sent so many messages that you do not even remember yourself. In such a situation, if you are asked who do you message the most on WhatsApp, what will you do? think not! The answer to this question can be found with the help of a trick.

No need to download third party app

This trick is very easy and the answer to this question can be found only by going to the settings present in your phone. This means to say that you will not need to download any third party app for this trick. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to easily find out who you talk to the most.

Follow these easy steps

After opening WhatsApp, you have to click on the three menu dots appearing on the top-right corner. After this a list will open, in which the option of setting will appear. Click on it. Here you will see the option of Data and storage usage. Click on it. After this a list will open again, which will have the option of Manage storage. Click on it. By doing this, a long list will open in front of you where information will be given about how much storage space has been taken by which user on WhatsApp. At the top of this is the name that you talk to the most.

How many texts, videos and photos will be sent, you will know

By clicking on any name in the list, you can see how many text messages, photos and videos have been shared between each other. If you want, you can also clear the storage by deleting the data.

You will also get an option in the settings of WhatsApp to clear the data. WhatsApp users can clear anyone’s chat as per their convenience, after which you will get a lot of space and the problem of hanging your phone will also end.

How to Secure WhatsApp Chat?

Keeping in mind the privacy, it has become necessary to secure WhatsApp. If you also want your permission to be taken to open your WhatsApp, then you have to enable a setting by following some steps. First of all go to the setting of WhatsApp and then click on Account option. Here you will see the option of Two Step Verification. Enable it. Now you can create 6 digit PIN. Now whenever you open WhatsApp, you will have to enter this PIN. No one will be able to open your WhatsApp without entering your PIN.

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