Twitter calls President Trump’s tweet Lie for the first time

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Twitter has marked a tweet by US President Donald Trump for fact check for the first time.

In this tweet, President Trump wrote, “There is every possibility of postal voting being rigged. The mail box can be stolen, through which fake voting can be done and then it can be printed and sent illegally.

Twitter has notified fact checking on two of Trump’s tweets.

President Trump has reacted strongly to this. He responded to Twitter only through a tweet. He said that Twitter is suffocating the right to freedom of expression. The Twitter notification reads “Know the facts related to postal voting.”

But Trump did not stop here in his response. He accused the social media platform Twitter of interfering in the presidential elections.

Trump now tweeted, “Now Twitter is interfering in the 2020 presidential elections. He says that my statement on postal voting can lead to corruption and rigging. For this, he has given a fact checking story of CNN and Washington Post. CNN is spreading the Amazon-backed Washington Post and fake news.”

“Twitter is stopping free speech completely and as president I will not allow this to happen.”

What is Twitter saying?

The notification, which has been posted by Twitter under President Trump’s tweet, takes users to a page where President Trump’s claim regarding postal ballot has been called “beyond the facts”.

Twitter CNN to dismiss President Trump’s claim as baseless. Reports from the Washington Post and other news outlets have taken recourse.

On this page, Twitter has told its users what you need to know. Twitter says that President Trump’s claim that postal ballot is likely to rig the elections.

Quoting the people who do the fact check, Twitter says that no evidence has been found that voters can be cheated by postal ballot.

According to Twitter, it is also wrong for Trump to say that whoever lives in the state of California can send a postal ballot and it does not matter who the person receiving the postal ballot is and how they are getting it. The truth is that only registered voters can get postal ballots.

Twitter quoted NBC News as saying that it has been decided to conduct elections in five states of the US entirely through postal ballot. Some states have decided to provide facilities for this.

Twitter has said that it will continue to mark tweets with misleading or inaccurate information but has been slow to act on President Trump’s tweets.

Brad Pascale, who is handling Trump’s presidential election campaign, has criticized Twitter’s move.

He said, “Twitter is partnering with Fact Checkers to spread fake news. This is its political conspiracy. We had withdrawn all our advertisements from Twitter a few months back.”

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