US Election 2020: Russia, China and Iran want Trump’s victory or Biden’s?

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Is Russia trying to keep Trump’s slogan ‘Keep America Great’ or is China strengthening Biden’s roots?

There are some such questions that are going on in the US intelligence department for the presidential election to be held in November.

A senior US official, pointing to Russia, China and Iran, has already warned that foreign forces may adopt ‘covert and covert methods’ to influence American voters.

However, these three countries should not be considered one because according to the US Intelligence Department, everyone has their own objectives and their abilities.

The intelligence department’s own assessment is under scrutiny because recently a whistleblower alleged that the Russian-born threat had been told to underestimate it because it would ‘evoke a bad image of the president.’

Now there is one month left for the US presidential election, so what should American voters know?

What is Russia meddling on?

As you may have noticed, Russia’s role was marked after the 2016 presidential elections and its results.

In short, the US Intelligence Department believes that Russia made efforts to vote in favor of Donald Trump.

For this, he cites a few incidents, such as Trump’s team and Russian officials ‘meetings, cyber attacks against Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaign and the Democrats’ party, targeting the state’s voter database and increasing false or biased content online To try.

Last month, a Senate panel led by the Republican Party also supported the suspicion that Russia wanted Trump’s victory. He only said that his campaign was an easy target for foreign influence, but the panel rejected the alleged criminal intrigue.

Now Biden replaces Hillary Clinton in 2020. The head of the National Counter Intelligence and Security Center (NCSC), William Avanina, says Russia was ‘making several attempts to mainly discredit the former vice-president, Biden.’

If you take the view of Christopher Ray, director of the intelligence agency FBI, Russia never stopped interfering. The efforts during the Congress elections in 2018 were considered by Christopher to be ‘dress rehearsals for a major 2020 event’.

However, Russia has been continuously rejecting that it is interfering in the elections of another country. Earlier this year, Russia had called the interference allegations ‘mad declarations’ and said that it had ‘nothing to do with the truth’.

So does Russia want President Trump’s second term or not?

Analysts also have a second opinion. He believes that Russia wants to destabilize its opponents by spreading confusion.

For example, in an EU document this year, the Russian campaign to spread fake news about the Corona virus was mentioned.

The document said that this was done so that the EU countries would have difficulty in talking to each other in response to this.

Although Russia called these allegations baseless.

What do candidates say?

Democrat candidate Joe Biden called Russia a “rival” and warned that if Russia’s intervention continued, it would “pay the price.”

President Trump has often dismissed allegations of Russian interference, while his own intelligence experts do not believe so.

After the 2018 conference with Vladimir Putin, Trump was asked whether he trusted the US intelligence departments on these claims or that of Putin?

In response, he said, “President Putin has said that there is no Russia in this. I don’t see any reason why this will happen.” However, he later reversed his statement.

Is China in danger this time?

The main people of the Trump administration argue that this year not China but China is the main danger.

Attorney General William Barr says he has seen the intelligence report, after which it has concluded.

Democrat leader Adam Chiff, who is chairing the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, accuses the bar of ‘outright lies’.

Avinina says in her assessment that the US intelligence department believes that ‘China likes President Trump and considers him unpredictable but he is not winning the election again.’

He says, “China is increasing its efforts to influence so that the policy-making environment in America can be shaped. There is pressure on political figures who oppose China’s interests.”

Here, the use of the word ‘affected’ needs special attention. China will try to do this through social media or it is not clear in any other way.

Avinina says that China will take advantage of aggressive action by taking risks.

With this, the aim of China is to publicize its vision in the world. Facebook

Recently, a network of accounts connected to China was closed which supported the Chinese nation.

However, China has refused to intervene in the domestic affairs of other countries, saying that ‘neither is it interested in it nor does it want to do it’.

What do candidates say?

President Trump had this month tweeted an article on the Brightbart website purportedly written in his favor, titled “China appears to be ‘one who favors Biden’ in presidential election.”

Trump, quoting Joe Biden’s son Hunter in the tweet, wrote, “Absolutely, he wants Biden. I took billions of dollars from China to my farmers and the finance ministry. If Biden and Hunter come, China will own America.” . “

The relations between America and China are at the lowest level at this time. There is a dispute over everything from the Corona epidemic to the enforcement of the controversial security law in Hong Kong.

On President Trump’s allegations of being soft on China, Joe Biden said that he promised that he would ‘stand firm’ on human rights and other issues against China.

However, Democrats argue that when it comes to elections at least, it is only Russia, which is becoming the most aggressive.

How can Iran be affected?

In her statement, Awanina has said that Iran is against President Trump’s next term because he believes that the result will continue to be “American pressure to provoke people to change power in Iran.”

How will Iran do this? On this, Avanina says that he can do this through online influence which includes spreading misinformation on social media and spreading anti-American material again.

Supporting US intelligence divisions, Microsoft has said that hackers have alliances with Russia, China and Iran and are trying to spy on key personalities involved in the US election.

The company says that Iran unsuccessfully tried to hack the accounts of white house officials and Trump’s campaign staff between May and June this year by a group called Phosphorus.

At the same time, Iran has described this report of Microsoft as ‘ridiculous’. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said, “Iran is not worried about who becomes president in the White House.”

The Atlantic Council made a report this year on efforts to increase Iranian influence, stating how Iran’s attention is focused on expanding the national agenda and is under an attempt to dominate the Middle East.

The report said, “All the material that is being tried to increase the influence of digitally Iran has its world view or special foreign policy objectives. Because of this, Iran’s material and Russia’s content and against It is easy to identify the efforts. “

What do Trump and Biden say?

Iran is not considered a major challenge like Russia or China, given the potential impact or policy in the US elections.

President Trump has adopted a strict policy against Iran. Whether it is to get out of the nuclear deal or to order the assassination of the powerful General Qasim Sulemani.

At the same time, Joe Biden believes that this policy has failed. In an article written for CNN, he said that there could be many more ‘smart ways’ of being tough on Iran.

He said that Iran could be said to retreat from ‘destabilizing activities’ and at the same time ‘give way to diplomacy’.

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