US President gives Ultimatum to WHO

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Conflicts between the US and the World Health Organization are intensifying over the Corona virus epidemic. US President Donald Trump had already stopped funding from the US to the WHO, now Trump has written a letter to WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyes.

US President Donald Trump has written in this letter that if the World Health Organization does not make a big change in its policy and organization in the next thirty days, then America will stop its funding for ever. Let me tell you that the funding has been stopped for some time only by the US.

Not only this, Donald Trump has written in the letter that America can also reconsider its membership in the World Health Organization. It is worth noting that the US has been continuously accused that the WHO has taken extreme care in the corona virus case and has fully favored China, which is why the world is suffering.

In a letter written by the US President, the WHO has been accused of ignoring all the reports that came from Wuhan on Corona virus in December, 2019.

According to Donald Trump, in December 2019, it was known that this virus spreads rapidly from human to human, but it was not paid attention and the world was not warned. Also, any country has to report such a disease within twenty four hours, but China did not do so.

Some old statements have also been mentioned in this letter attacking the World Health Organization, in which it was claimed that the corona virus does not spread from person to person. Donald Trump wrote that the WHO should take a tough decision in the next thirty days, otherwise he cannot waste taxpayers’ money as a US President.

Significantly, the worst havoc of Corona virus has been seen in the US, where so far more than 1.5 million people have been hit, while more than 90 thousand people have died.

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