Vodafone Idea fined. Know the reason

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The IT (Information Technology) department in Rajasthan has asked Vodafone Idea to pay a fine of Rs 27.5 lakh to one of its customers in a case.

Duplicate SIM fraud

According to the Times of India newspaper report, the telecom company had issued a duplicate SIM without proper identification of the customer and using that SIM, Rs 68.5 lakh was illegally withdrawn from the victim’s bank account.

According to the newspaper report, the person to whom the duplicate SIM was issued, withdrew Rs 68.5 lakh from an IDBI Bank account and transferred it to his accounts. Later he returned Rs 44 lakh to the victim. But the remaining amount was not returned to the victim.

The newspaper writes that on May 25, 2017, the victim’s mobile number was suddenly switched off. He complained about this to the Hanumangarh office of Vodafone Idea, after which he was given a new SIM. Despite repeated complaints, the company did not activate the new SIM.

The victim then complained to the company’s Jaipur office where his SIM was activated the next day but in the meantime Rs 68.5 lakh had been withdrawn from his account.

In this order issued against Vodafone Idea, it has been said that it will compensate the victim Rs 2.31 lakh as interest, Rs 72,000 on her deposit and Rs 24 lakh for her loss.

If the company fails to pay this amount within a month, it will have to pay interest at the rate of 10 per cent. Vodafone can challenge this order in a competent court.

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