What is ‘Stealthing’ during Sex?

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The Legislative Assembly of the US state of California has banned stealthing, which means ‘removing a condom during sex without the knowledge or consent of your partner’. Stealth is also considered rape in many countries.

According to the BBC report, Democrat member Christina Garcia was trying for this law for the last four years. “It is now clear that it is a crime in California to do so,” said Garcia, who introduced the bill in the assembly there.

Garcia said, “This is the first law of its kind in the country. I urge the rest of the states to follow California’s path and make it clear that stealthing is not only unethical, but it is illegal as well.”

Let us tell you that Christina Garcia has been trying her best to make stealthing law since 2017. A report by Alexandra Brodsky, who was a student during that time, was published in the ‘Columbia Journal of Gender and Law’. The credit for spreading awareness about this law among the people goes to this report itself.

What is stealthing?

Simply put, stealthing refers to harming your partner by removing the condom without informing the partner or knowing it while having sex. Because of these actions, there may be a risk of becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases or becoming pregnant in the partner. Along with this, it also violates the dignity of the victim or the victim.

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