Why does the world’s most neutral country want to buy fighter jets now?

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The debate is whether or not to buy a fighter plane? People are asking that when there is no enemy, for whom are these fighter aircraft being bought?

There is a strange debate these days in Switzerland, the beautiful country of Europe. The government there wants to buy fighter jets after spending millions of dollars. But there is opposition to this decision of the government there. Because Switzerland is a country which has no enmity with any country. People are asking that when there is no enemy, for whom are these fighters being bought? Now a public opinion survey is being conducted in this regard, through which the public there will express their opinion.

Should you buy a fighter plane or not?

At a time when there is an arms race in the world, the people of Switzerland are embroiled in a different kind of debate. The debate is whether or not to buy a fighter plane? Switzerland is one of the countries in the world that does not support or oppose any country on any matter in the world. Therefore, it is believed that no country is its enemy. The Swiss Army has not fought any war in the history of 173 years. Even in the Second World War, Switzerland did not participate. In the year 1848, the last time the army of the Switterland was stationed at the border for war, because then there was the fear of external invasion.

About 21 thousand soldiers in the army

The Swiss government wants to spend around 500 billion rupees on purchasing fighter aircraft. The army already has a fleet of combat aircraft hornets. This fleet of Hornet fighter aircraft will retire in 2030. That is why there is talk of buying new fighter aircraft. The two fighter jets being considered are the Eurofighter and the Rafale. There are about 21 thousand soldiers in Switzerland’s army. This army also has 326 tanks, which are used only for practice.

Voting on 27 September

If you look at the map of Europe, the area of ​​Switzerland is only 41 thousand 285 square kilometers. It is also smaller than the state of Haryana in India. Switzerland’s neighboring countries are France, Italy and Germany, none of which is its enemy. Currently, the Swiss government has now asked the public for its opinion on the decision to buy fighter aircraft. A poll is being conducted in this regard, on which voting will be held on 27 September.

After independence, Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru also used to say that there is no enemy of India, so there is no need of army in India. The China which he considered to be India’s most friendly country, he took advantage of India’s weakness and attacked it in 1962. Switzerland’s neighboring countries may not be like China, but caution is still necessary.

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