Why is there so much talk of Nitish Kumar’s ‘anger’ in Bihar?

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“We are speaking, will you speak in the middle? Sit down while I am standing.”

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s rebuke to the opposition member in the Bihar Legislative Council in this manner is in the discussion in the political corridors of Bihar nowadays, in the form of threatening to show a finger made with anger.

The discussion has started so much that on Tuesday, RJD’s Mahua MLA Dr. Mukesh Roshan reached the blood pressure measuring machine and niche. Said, “It seems that uncle Nitish ji’s blood pressure is not normal, he is getting angry at the talk and is venting his anger on the opposition. That is why we have brought a machine to measure his blood pressure.”

But this discussion is now becoming serious because it is not the first time that Nitish Kumar has appeared in anger inside the House.

In recent times, there have been many such occasions inside and outside the House.

What is the reason for anger?

During the proceedings of Bihar Legislative Council on Monday, Nitish Kumar got angry because RJD’s MLC Subodh Rai tried to stand up and ask his supplementary questions while the Minister of Rural Affairs was answering the starred question.

The Chief Minister got angry at this, he stood up and started scolding the MLC. Said, “This is contrary to the rule, supplementary questions are not asked like this.”

Was Subodh Rai asking the question according to the rule? In a conversation with the BBC, he says, “I did not question contrary to the rule. Actually, it is the effect of age. Nitish ji has now crossed the age of 70 years. So irritability is natural to the opponents. When the people of the BJP raise five or five supplementary questions at a time, the Chief Minister is silent. This is a reflection of his political weakness. “

As far as the Rules of Action of the House are concerned, there have been many occasions during the current assembly session when new members stand in the middle in a hurry to question and ask for more time to speak for themselves. Began Then the senior members and the speaker explained to them by saying that you are new now, you need to learn the parliamentary procedure.

Do the new members not know the rules of the House?

Actually, the number of new faces in the current Bihar Legislative Assembly is relatively high. There are 66 out of total 243 members who have become MLAs for the first time.

According to the ADR report, the current Bihar Legislative Assembly has only 11 MLAs above the age of 70, while the number of MLAs in the 25 to 50 age group is 115 (48 per cent).

Though the number of leaders in the age group of more than 50 years is 126 (52 percent), but there are many leaders who have crossed the age of 50 who have been elected for the first time.

Do the new members not know the rules? Senior journalist Manikant Thakur says, “Members are new or old, everyone has a parliamentary work book and most are expected to study this booklet and know the rules. Maybe the new members can assimilate the manual It took some time to do that. Because his innings has just started. “

Also, Manikant Thakur also says, “But, this is not the first incident of breaking the rules inside the House. Experienced, senior and members of the government have also often spoken beyond the rules. We are positive It should be taken in a manner that the new members are also vigorously speaking their views inside the house. “

Is it a clash of two generations?

The anger of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been seen before inside the house when he became envious of Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav during the special one-day session for the trust vote after the formation of the new government. Even moving from his place, he started speaking against Tejashwi,

“This is the son of my brother-in-law friend, so we keep on listening, we don’t speak anything, we keep barking. Who did not make his father the leader of the legislature party in the Lok Dal, it is unknown. ? It is chargesheeted, it will be acted upon now. It is lying. “

What did Tejashwi Yadav say that Nitish Kumar was infuriated?

According to Manikant Thakur, Nitish Kumar proved this by saying that the people whom he taught politics or who learned politics from them, have started asking the same questions. And this is the beauty of democracy. Manikant says, “At this time, the clash of the two generations can be seen inside the House. The people of the old generation have reduced while the number of the new generation has increased. It is also important that the number of new MLAs is more from the opposition Are. The way of the new generation is different from the old generation. Therefore, it cannot be denied that the old people should be uncomfortable with them. “

Has been the practice of teaching and learning

On the one hand, Nitish Kumar also says that he made Tejashwi Yadav the deputy CM, but on the other hand, when the leader starts questioning him as the opposition, he is getting angry.

Whereas, there are many such examples in the politics of Bihar that despite being hostile, the senior leaders have encouraged the emerging leaders, they have taught them the nuances of politics.

Senior Kumar Kaal Love Kumar Mishra says, “Sushil Kumar Modi was opposed to Shivanand Tiwari inside the House. But he did not hesitate to admit that he learned politics from Shivanand Tiwari. These leaders who speak against each other inside the House Outside the house, each other remained very connected. ” Love also gives an example of Jagannath Mishra and Lalu Prasad Yadav. Explains, “Lalu Prasad’s supporters say that it was because of Jagannath Mishra that Lalu got trapped in the fodder scam and went to jail. But it has never happened that Lalu Prasad has ever shown anger about Jagannath Mishra. So much happened in the fodder scam Despite this, when Jagannath Mishra’s daughter was married a few years ago, then Lalu Prasad played an important role in everything from pandal to organizing. “

Ever since the formation of the new government, anger is visible

As far as Nitish Kumar is concerned, after the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections held at the end of last year, since the formation of the new NDA government of JDU and BJP, there have been many times when Nitish is not only inside the House but the House He was seen outside too.

A few days ago, the Chief Minister got angry with the journalists. When he was being questioned about the investigation of a high profile murder in the capital. The chief minister was shown a finger pointing at the questioning journalist, “I don’t know! Which party are you from! Journalists should not ask this kind of question.” During the ongoing budget session, Nitish Kumar was angry at RJD’s MLC Sunil Singh while discussing the Governor’s address, and scolded him in a local tone, “Kanma se suno na, mouthwaa awaaz chalge toh kisege jaanega.” Listen with your ears, how will you know if you make a sound from your mouth?) “

But Nitish was not like this!

During the last two-three months, due to repeated anger in public, the image of Nitish Kumar has been created, people who know him from the beginning are surprised at him.

Senior Bihar journalist Luv Kumar Mishra, who has reported Nitish Kumar’s politics even before he came to power, says, “Nitish Kumar’s image has always been that of a politician who is calm and gentle, balanced and fable. Answer on the basis of, and refrain from giving feedback on things that are not necessary.

Luv further adds, “What did the opposition not say when they first gained power in the early days? Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi called them abusive in public forums, but when the turn came to reply He just smiled. “

According to Love, it was the effect of Nitish Kumar’s personality and conduct that at one time there was talk of making him the prime ministerial candidate. Even in Bihar, he had a role in central governments.

But why is anger now coming?

The question is why Nitish Kumar, who is often looking calm and smiling, is getting angry now.

Shivanand Tiwari, a senior RJD leader who once did politics together but now became opposition to each other, says,

“This is Nitish’s age-old weakness. Whenever he feels weak from within, he faints in the same way. He is unable to control himself. Here the political situation has become for him, his ill-feelings can be understood. “

According to Shivanand “Nitish Kumar has become weak after being reduced to 43 seats in the assembly elections. Due to the strength of the BJP in the government, the interference of BJP is more. That is why Nitish Kumar is not able to do anything he wants. That is what makes him irritable. The real reason. ” Journalist Love Kumar Mishra also agrees with Shivanand Tiwari. But at the same time he also says, “Nitish Kumar has been left alone inside the House due to the departure of Sushil Kumar Modi. He does not have the same relationship with the present Deputy Chief Ministers Tarkishore Prasad and Renu Devi as he had with Sushil Modi. At the moment, the things that Nitish Kumar himself is standing and speaking inside the House, it would not have happened if Sushil Modi was there. “

What is the effect of age gap?

One of the reasons why Nitish Kumar gets angry again and again, the opposition also tells his age. Recently, the party’s 70th birthday was celebrated as “Development Day” by the party.

By the way, in the present Bihar Legislative Assembly, Nitish Kumar’s age or contemporary leaders are now few in the active politics of Bihar.

There are some senior leaders like Vijay Narayan Chaudhary, Prem Kumar, Amarendra Pratap Singh, Nand Kishore Yadav, Raghavendra Pratap Singh, who are older or slightly older than Nitish and are active in politics. Especially the generation of the generation of JP movement of 1974, Nitish Kumar is the only one who has been a part of the struggle committee of the movement.

JDU senior leader and party spokesperson Neeraj Kumar Singh, advising his leader not to worry about his age, says, “They need the BP machine and the niche whose (Lalu Yadav’s) medical report remains serious and that Those who are committing the punishment themselves. Our leader has shown it by working. If someone ignores his work, if he asks the opposite question, he will get the same answer. “

According to Neeraj Kumar Singh, some leaders of the opposition who do not even understand the parliamentary working system, are repeatedly trying to provoke and tease the Chief Minister in an illegal manner.

Is Nitish Kumar starting to get angry due to his aging age as the opposition is saying?

AIIMS, Delhi psychiatrist Dr. Rajesh Sagar tells the BBC, “Age has nothing to do with anger. Generally, with increasing age, anger starts to decrease naturally. It is not appropriate to associate it with age. Anger. There can be other reasons for this, which needs to be assessed only then something can be said. ” Dr. Sagar finally states the most important thing, “According to the new Mental Health Act, no one has the right to comment on the mental state of any person. If someone is telling someone’s anger or his mental state by his age. So there is a provision for taking action against him. “

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