Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘Vijay Rath’ Yatra

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Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has sounded the election bugle by taking out ‘Vijay Rath’ with the aim of defeating BJP under Mission-2022. This ‘Vijay Rath’ Yatra started from Jajmau situated on the banks of Ganga in Kanpur.

The special thing is that the work of flagging off this ‘Vijay Rath’ Yatra was done by a five-year-old child, Khazanchinath. Through Khazanchinath, Akhilesh spoke on Modi’s demonetisation.

During demonetisation in 2016, a woman from Kanpur countryside gave birth to a child while suffering from labor pain while waiting in line in the bank. This child is Khazanchinath and he was given this name by Akhilesh Yadav himself then.

Five-year-old child Khazanchinath did the work of flagging off ‘Vijay Rath’ Yatra

Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘Vijay Rath’ progressed in a convoy of 80-90 vehicles from Kanpur-Lucknow NH Highway-27 for some two kilometers, which later also passed through NH-2 coming to Kanpur-Etawa via Prayagraj and some 10 to 12 kilometers After traveling a distance, he turned towards Ghatampur.

In order to cover the seats lost in the last election and the party’s scattered votes, he has chosen the route of ‘Vijay Rath’ from Kanpur via Ghatampur to Bundelkhand region, a large crowd was also seen in this meeting.

While holding meetings in the assembly constituencies of Hamirpur, Jalaun as well as Kanpur, he will return to the border of Kanpur countryside with a ‘Vijay Rath’.

Phoolan Devi’s mother Mula Devi with Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav called Phoolan Devi’s mother Mula Devi on stage in the public meeting of Kalpi in Hamirpur district.

Phoolan Devi was elected MP on Samajwadi Party ticket. It is understood that this meeting can have an impact on Nishad voters and Mula Devi may be seen campaigning for SP further.

What is the goal of SP?

Former SP MLA Ram Kumar believes, “It is true that Rath Yatra has been a powerful medium to reach power. Akhilesh ji keeps meeting the farmers while passing through the villages through street meetings. There is resentment and people will choose SP as an alternative.”

But not everyone has faith in SP’s claim

Kuldeep Pandey, a resident of Sanigawan on the side of the National Highway, is a mechanic by profession. He says, “Akhilesh’s frills are good, but only Yogi will come. Khali Yadav and a section of Muslims do not dream of power by getting votes. You tell me where is the alternative?”

On the other hand, senior journalist Dilip Shukla from Kanpur says, “I don’t think there is a lack of a party challenging the BJP. There have been many such instances when this thing was said but the power changed. Mulayam Singh defeated the Congress in 1989. In 1991, Kalyan Singh ousted Mulayam from power, then in 1993, the SP-BSP alliance threw Kalyan out. In 2007, Mayawati came in full majority and in 2012 Akhilesh came.”

Dilip Shukla believes that there are many issues like the farmers’ movement, the prevalence of crime in the state and inflation, due to which the public can change their choice. He also says that after the Lakhimpur Kheri case, the activism of the Congress can strengthen it.

Election journey a trick?

SP leaders consider Akhilesh’s election rath yatra to be a trick to capture power, although the tradition of chariot was started by Mulayam Singh Yadav. In 1987, he took out a ‘Kranti Rath’ to remove the Congress from power. Even then it started from Kanpur.

After rallying in Jhinjhak in Kanpur countryside, he did the second rally in Mainpuri and after that Mulayam became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1989 elections.

Following this path, Akhilesh Yadav took out a ‘Kranti Rath’ in the style of his father Mulayam in 2011, he also started from Kanpur and traveled all over the state. In the 2012 elections, the SP government came to the state with an absolute majority and Akhilesh became the Chief Minister for the first time.

By the way, Samajwadi Party has two seats in Kanpur. Irfan Solanki from Sisamau and Amitabh Bajpayee from Aryanagar are SP MLAs. But because of this trick, Akhilesh Yadav has played the election bugle from Kanpur.

In the 2017 assembly elections, he was defeated in front of the storm of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even after the alliance with the Congress, the two together could get only 52 seats. But this time the Samajwadi Party is hoping for a comeback.

By the way, the eyes of other parties are also fixed on Kanpur, which is called the financial capital of the state.

Before Akhilesh Yadav, Asaduddin Owaisi also held a meeting in Jajmau but there was not much crowd in it. Few people had even reached Satish Mishra’s Brahmin conference. There is no Congress program in Kanpur so far.

At the same time, BJP has also not held any meeting from the electoral point of view, but programs like the launch of government schemes, foundation stones have been held. CM Yogi Adityanath has addressed a meeting at DAV Ground.

BJP’s regional spokesperson Anoop Awasthi said, “At present, the organization is being upgraded to booth and panna pramukh level. No program like election rally has been made so far.”

However, BJP’s organization minister BL Santosh and UP in-charge Radha Mohan Singh have visited Kanpur.

Jolt to congress

During this visit of Akhilesh Yadav, there is also a reason behind taking Hamirpur entry through Ghatampur, that in and around Kanpur, Kanpur countryside, BSP and Congress’s powerful leader Raja Ram Pal and his supporters joined the Samajwadi Party. Is.

Party’s state president Naresh Uttam Patel congratulated Rajaram. Pal vote is in abundance in Ghatampur, Raniya, Sikandra, Rasulabad, Bithoor assembly constituencies here.

Rajaram Pal was MP twice and has been MLA from Ghatampur once. He was also an MP on Congress ticket from 2009 to 2014 (before delimitation was Bilhaur parliamentary constituency).

Earlier, he has been an MP on BSP ticket and also a BSP MLA from Ghatampur Assembly (now reserved) area. Rajaram’s joining the SP is being considered as a big setback for the Congress.

However, Ajay Kapoor, Congress’s national secretary and three-time MLA, says, “Rajaram Pal was never a party. It is that Rajaram has a lot of influence on Pal voters. His security was confiscated till he contested many elections.

Ajay Kapoor says that this time the Congress party is fighting the election under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi and the party will get the support of all sections.

On the other hand, Akhilesh Yadav is preparing to give a blow to the Congress during his Rath Yatra. After Rajaram Pal, Akhilesh Yadav is going to wear red hats to many senior Congressmen in Jalaun. The names of two former Congress district presidents are also being taken.

Dr. Rakesh Dwivedi, a senior journalist in Jalaun, says, “From here, former minister Hari Om Upadhyay has left the BJP and took up the cycle. Senior Congress leader and former Sadar MLA Vinod Chaturvedi Kakka has gone to the SP earlier. Manoj Chaturvedi, who was the district president from 2013 to 2016 and Kuldeep Gurjar, who was the district president, is also set to join the SP.

How long will the cycle run in Bundelkhand?

Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘Vijay Rath’ will travel through four districts in a journey of 190 km. Bundelkhand was once considered a BSP stronghold. In 2017, BJP had thrown a broom at him, spoiling the caste equation of everyone.

Now it has to be seen how much SP’s farming will be able to flourish on the barren electoral land of Bundelkhand? Will Akhilesh be able to break the magic of BJP in the 2022 elections by enumerating the shortcomings of the Yogi Adityanath government from place to place through the Rath Yatra?

This question is important because on the other hand BJP is once again preparing for a clean sweep in Bundlekhand, its election command is in the hands of Union Ministers.

A total of 52 assembly seats come in Akhilesh’s ‘Vijay Rath’ Yatra areas ie Kanpur and Bundelkhand region, out of which 47 seats are with BJP while four seats are with SP and one seat with Congress (cantonment assembly constituency of Kanpur Nagar). Is.

In 2017, the account of BSP was not even opened in this area. The dominance of BJP was clearly visible in this entire area in the 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections and the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Of the five seats that SP and Congress won in 2017, three are from Kanpur Nagar, one from Kannauj and one from Etawah. Suhail Ahmed is the only MLA from Congress who won from Cantonment.

Rakesh Kumar Agrawal, a local journalist from Mahoba, who has been closely watching the politics of Bundelkhand, says, “Nowadays people are understanding that the contest can be between BJP and SP. People do not discuss BSP and Congress. People are looking for alternatives. But it remains to be seen whether the SP is able to give an alternative or not.”

According to Rakesh Kumar Agrawal, drought and drinking water are the main issues here in Bundelkhand, but the parties keep creating caste equations to win the elections.

Yogi Adityanath’s government is getting the expressway constructed in Bundelkhand, a development board has also been formed, so the biggest challenge before Akhilesh Yadav is to speed up the cycle in Bundelkhand. In front of him, along with a strong BJP organization, there is also a challenge from his uncle Shivpal Yadav. Shivpal Yadav has taken out a social change Rath Yatra from Vrindavan on 12 October itself.

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