Attempting to woo Indian voters, Democrats start ‘Hindu for Biden’ campaign

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In the US elections held this year, everyone’s eye is on the voters of Indian origin. Many efforts are being made by Republicans and Democrats to woo Indian voters.

Campaigning for election continues in America

Parties engaged in wooing Indian voters

Democrats’ new campaign will start from Thursday

The utility of voters of Indian-American origin has increased this time in the US presidential election. Meanwhile, a new campaign has been launched by the Democrats Party to garner support for Joe Biden. People of Indian origin will be persuaded to vote for Democrats under the ‘Hindu American for Biden’.

Raja Krishnamurthy, an Indian-origin Congressman from Illinois, USA, will start this campaign on Thursday. Earlier, Donald Trump’s team also launched a similar campaign last week, in which there was an attempt to woo Hindu voters.

Let us tell you that votes are to be cast in America on November 3. Kamala Harris is the Vice Presidential candidate from the Democrats, in such a situation, the voters of Indian origin may be inclined towards the Democrats. But for this reason, there has been an increase in competition between the two parties.

This is the reason that this is happening for the first time when both the parties are openly seeking the support of Hindu voters in this way. In the past, Donald Trump and Joe Biden mourned the demise of Pranab Mukherjee, as well as congratulated the festival a few days ago.

Significantly, there are about two million Indian-origin voters in America, so this is the reason that they are so important. Team Biden says that through this campaign, we will talk about increasing crime in America, as well as how the attacks on Hindus are going to be discussed.

Let us know that in the past few years, there have been increasing attacks on black Americans as well as outsiders in America. Violence has been taking place in America since last several days, in such a situation it has become an important issue during elections.

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