Georgia Senate Election: A Thorn Clash Between Democrat-Republican Party

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The election of the US state of Georgia, which is to determine the control of the Senate, is a close fight between the Democrats and the Republican Party.

In Georgia, the counting of votes is currently going on, and there is a draw between the Republican Party’s Callie Loeffler and David Perdue’s Democrat leaders Rafael Warnoch and John Ossoff.

On Wednesday morning, Democrat leader Warnoch announced his victory over Republican Loeffler. However, the counting of votes is still pending.

America’s newly-elected President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party must win both Georgia seats to gain full control of Parliament.

At the same time, the Republican Party needs only one seat out of two to remain in the Senate.

By the time 98 percent of the votes were counted, Warnoch had a slight edge over Loeffler, while Joan Ossoff and Perdue were nearly on par.

Thousands of votes are yet to be counted, but election officials hope that the results of this election will be in front of everyone before Wednesday evening.

More than 30 lakh American voters had voted in this election before Tuesday, which is about 40 percent of the registered voters of the state. Democratic candidate Joe Biden benefited from early voting in the presidential election in November.

On Saturday, a phone call from President Donald Trump was severely condemned in which he was heard asking top Georgia election officer Brad Raffensparger to garner votes for his victory.

This phone call of Trump was strongly condemned and people said that it is an attempt to tamper with votes illegally.

After this incident, there was a fear in the Republican Party that they should not be left behind in the two-seat race of Georgia’s Senate.

If Republicans win both Senate seats in Georgia, they will retain control in the upper house, but if their candidates lose, Democrats will hold the Senate, House of Representatives, and the White House.

Political analysts say that if Democrats win both seats, then the loss of these will be blamed on President Donald Trump. It has often been seen that the party that loses the presidential election in America does not perform poorly in other elections, but performs better. Then Georgia, despite Biden’s victory, has traditionally been a Republican state.

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