Military agreement between India and Japan, China on target

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India and Japan have reached an important agreement to increase their strategic reach in the Indian Ocean and to deal with efforts to increase China’s dominance in the Indo-Pacific region.

After this, military cooperation will be increased between the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region for each other’s warships and aircraft. Japan is the sixth country with which India has tied up for such military cooperation.

Earlier, India has entered into an agreement with the US, France, Australia, South Korea and Singapore to increase military cooperation in this area.
According to the newspaper, on Thursday, a top official said that India is moving forward negotiations for similar cooperation with Britain and Russia and may reach an agreement with Russia by the end of this year.

The top official told the newspaper that like China, India does not wish to build any kind of military base outside the country. A related agreement between the Indian Army and Japan’s Self-Defense Forces has been signed by Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar and Japan’s Ambassador Suzuki Satoshi.

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