NDA to win with two-thirds majority under Shah-Nitish leadership

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Former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday addressed the BJP’s first virtual rally in Bihar, ‘Bihar Massism’. The rally was to report the work of the government on completion of one year of the second term of the Narendra Modi government at the center. During this, he also praised the Nitish government of Bihar, counting the achievements of the Center. He said that the National Democratic Alliance transported the state from Jangal Raj to Janta Raj in Bihar. Rejecting speculation, it also said that the NDA will win the next election with a two-thirds majority under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.

Shah said that in Bihar we have come from lantern era to LED era. We have traveled from loot and order to law and order. We have come from Jungle Raj to Janata Raj. We have come from Bahubal to Vikas Bal and have successfully completed the journey from fodder scam to DBT under Modi ji’s leadership.

Praising Nitish Kumar, he said that both Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi are a bit crude in their fame. They do not stand on the road and play the plate, they are silent people working for help. The Bihar government, under the leadership of Nitish and Sushil, has fought this battle very well.

This rally is not related to elections

Responding to the criticisms of opposition parties, Shah said that this rally has no relation to the election. The BJP believes in democracy. In the Corona crisis, we cannot forget our rite of public contact. I congratulate the BJP National President that through 75 virtual rallies, he has given an opportunity to connect with the public.

Tiff on the plate

Taking a dig at RJD, he said that today when I am communicating with you through a virtual rally, some people have just welcomed this rally by playing a plate. I liked that lately he accepted Modi’s appeal. I tell the family members today that I should see my face mirror, Bihar’s growth rate was 3.19 percent in 1990-2005 under his rule, today the NDA government has done the task of achieving the growth rate of 11.3 percent under the leadership of Nitish ji.

The scent of Bihar’s sweat in the development of the country

Whatever be the corner of the country, the foundation of its development has the smell of sweat of the person of Bihar. Those who humiliate them do not understand the passion of migrant laborers. He said, ‘I want to say from this platform today that any part of the country, whether it is Mumbai, Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, which is developed, will go to the foundation of it, then the migrant laborers of Bihar will get a sense of sweat. is. The sweat of the person of Bihar is at the foundation of the development of this country.

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