People want to dethrone me: The Prime Minister of Nepal

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Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has publicly claimed that efforts are being made to remove him from the post;  although he has not named anyone.

Some political scientists believe that by doing this, they are trying to deal with the current situation. At the same time, some political analysts believe that KP Sharma Oli has not been able to give firm leadership in the present difficult circumstances.

Political scientist Hari Sharma says, “What the Prime Minister has to say is that he is slowly losing confidence. What is visible on the outside is not inside.”

At the same time, political experts also believe that even before this, internal reasons were responsible for the decline of his government more than external reasons.

Another political scientist Krishna Pokharel said, “I think the Prime Minister is mentally nervous that his power will be lost.”

Pokharel says, “The situation has arisen within the party regarding the working style of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister wants to try to do that in his own interest.”

He said, “I think the Prime Minister’s own style of functioning has made it possible to take advantage of the situation within the party against him.”

In a ceremony held on Sunday to mark the birth anniversary of the late Madan Bhandari in the capital Kathmandu, Prime Minister Oli claimed that he was being tried to be removed from the post as before.

The Prime Minister’s remarks are made at a time when the Party Working Committee is reviewing the government’s work in control of the corona virus epidemic.

Prime Minister Oli said that the step taken by Nepal to return the land that was occupied by us for 58 years is not wrong at all.

The Prime Minister said, “After doing this, only the leaders of Nepal are against me. They want me to be removed from office immediately.”

He claimed that his government was overthrown after returning from a trade and traffic agreement with China last time.

He said, “Listen to the media in Delhi, you will know from where what is going on. It is also known from the activities happening in the hotel here. The activism of Embassy also tells a lot.”

Oli said that it is not easy to remove them as before.

He said, “… if one sees the dream of removing the Prime Minister of this country by taking the new map, including it in the Constitution, remember that today’s nationality is not so weak.”

Oli also said that he does not want to step down from the post for the sake of this country, not for himself. Oli said, “I don’t have to always be the Prime Minister, but if I step down this time, there will be no one to speak in favour of Nepal. It is simply because if someone raises his voice, he will be removed immediately.”

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