Putin’s constitutional reforms got huge support in Russia, can remain President till 2036

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The people of Russia have strongly supported constitutional reforms. This may also mean that the current President, Vladimir Putin, will remain President until 2036.

Initial results are pointing to this

According to the Election Commission, about 87 percent of the votes have been counted and 77 percent of the votes have been cast in support of constitutional reforms.

Under these reforms, from 2024, Putin’s presidential term limit will be reduced to zero. This directly meant that he would be able to remain President for two more terms of 6-6 years.

The opposition alleges that Putin wants to remain president for a lifetime. However, Putin has been dismissive of these allegations.

Alexi Navalny, a major critic of the Russian government, has dismissed the results announced so far as a lie. He says that these results do not reflect the true opinion of the public of the country.

There has been no independent inquiry into the voting that lasted for seven days, and in the past, copies of the new constitution were also sold at bookstalls.

According to the Interfax report, the interesting thing is that while the votes were still being cast, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that nothing had happened during the voting that would affect the results.

Hundreds of protesters staged protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg against constitutional changes.

Voting started last week in Russia. According to the Election Commission, the voting percentage in this was 64%.

The current President of Russia and his supporters say that more than 200 reforms have been made in total, which will give a boost to efforts to ensure national stability.

67-year-old President Putin did not say anything that he will again step down for the post of President after his current term ends in 2024. But he definitely said that it is important that he has the option to do so.

He has been in power in Russia as President or Prime Minister for 20 years.

Polling stations in Russia generally have a very lively atmosphere. There is music, there are food stalls and entertainment is also arranged.

But this time the atmosphere was different. People’s temperature is being checked at the door and staff were giving masks to people to avoid corona virus.

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