US election: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden, who won the first debate

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In the first debate of the US Presidential election, a very intense verbal war was seen on Tuesday.

During the debate, there was a lot of debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden and the two leaders lashed out at each other over various issues.

This was a debate that millions of Americans had long been waiting for, and the debate would be so hot, that many people had already expected it.

But the question is, what effect will this debate have on the listeners? And who is believed to have won the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

In the first debate, Joe Biden’s aim was to show the Americans that they can easily cope with the situation of pressure, their aging is not their weakness from anywhere and can keep their things in a very calm manner.

Looking at the debate, it seems that they were successful in fulfilling their aim. However, Donald Trump continued to interrupt him and Trump gave Biden few chances to say anything that hurt Trump’s election campaign.

At the same time, Donald ‘Twitter’ Trump also performed in this debate, about one and a half hours long. But the unfortunate thing is that many Americans, even their supporters, consider Trump’s social media style as one of their qualities that is not attractive.

Trump was supposed to shake the electoral race through the first debate which has so far been seen against him. But analysts believe that this debate may have been successful in changing the perspective of only one of the 10 American voters who still have not decided who they are going to vote for.

It was clear what the debate would be like. Donald Trump’s purpose was to harass Joe Biden and for this he planned to constantly interrupt the former vice-president.

According to local media reports, Trump interrupted Biden a total of 73 times, which also led to shrill noises. When Trump questioned Biden’s intelligence, Biden called Trump a clown, silenced him, and even asked, “Will you be a little quiet?”

Many times, when Trump attacked Joe Biden, the Democrat leader smiled slowly.

When debate leader Chris Wallace announced that the next topic was the corona virus and that both presidential candidates would have two-and-a-half minutes to present their side, Biden taunted Trump: “Good luck for the topic . “

People are saying that the conduct of this prestigious debate on Tuesday night would have been the ‘worst thing’ in America.

Camera focus

The corona virus epidemic has always been a difficult topic for President Trump to speak. In Tuesday’s debate this topic came up very early and Donald Trump had to tell what he did to fight the epidemic, which has killed more than two lakh people in America so far.

President Trump also did this. He argued that his administration took a number of steps to stop the epidemic, did such things to protect the people, but Joe Biden created problems for him by his words.

In response to Trump’s pleas, Joe Biden glanced at the camera, asking the audience, ‘Will they believe Trump?’

Joe Biden said, “A lot of people have been killed because of the epidemic, and if Trump didn’t speed up his work and they didn’t get smarter than before, many more people would be killed by the epidemic.”

Trump argued during the debate that Joe Biden’s rallies did not appear to be crowded at all.

During this time, he said that ‘people want their businesses to be opened.’

To which Joe Biden said, “People also want to be safe.”

This debate also clarified how much difference there is between the two leaders about the corona virus epidemic and how to fight it.

Racism issue

Biden who seemed comfortable talking about issues of racism and urban violence, but looking at Trump, it seemed that he did not want to talk more on these subjects.

Joe Biden accused President Trump of instigating racial division.

He said that racism no longer works in American cities. Most major cities are integrated. The real threat to them has been Kovid-19 and climate change.

During the debate Donald Trump was given an opportunity to ‘reject the violence of white supremacists and right-wingers’, to which Trump said ‘they will do it, but then instead of doing it – just a right wing organization’ He told ‘The Proud Boys’ to stay behind.

He then tried to attack anti-fascist activists and Antifa supporters.

The death of George Floyd, institutional racism in the US, and the police violence, and then the massive protests across the country – have not been seen in America for decades. But in Tuesday’s debate, very little light was thrown on those moments of history.

Trump argued for work

During the debate, President Donald Trump argued that during his tenure, he carried things at least, rather the Democrats sat with things for a long time.

He taunted Joe Biden that “I haven’t done as much work as I have done in 47 months of my tenure.”

To which Joe Biden said, “Trump’s America has weakened during its tenure, has become sick, is poor, looks more divided than before and more violent than before. “

In 2016, contrary to all estimates, Donald Trump became the President of the United States. In the last three and a half years, his appointment to this post has been challenging in every way. One way for Trump to repeat his victory is to use Biden’s long public life against him.

One of Trump’s other goals during the debate was to portray Biden as his party’s left wing. But Biden defended himself well in this case.

Joe Biden openly expressed his views on certain policies. Particularly about the policies that had previously been supported by his party, but now Biden has said that he is considering them.

Biden also said that by the time the voting date draws near, his party’s left wing will also stand firm with him.

Biden did not cash in on the issue

On Sunday, when the New York Times newspaper wrote the report that ‘President Trump paid very little tax or evasion of tax during his tenure’, that report was seen as a big bang.

The newspaper quoted some documents as saying that President Donald Trump paid income tax of only US $ 750 after the 2016 presidential election year and the next year he went to the White House.

The report also said that Trump had not paid any income tax in 10 of the last 15 years.

Political analysts and prophets wondered how Trump would handle the issue during the first debate. But Joe Biden was unable to make the issue as big as expected during the debate.

Donald Trump, in his clarification, argued the same thing he had given in 2016 that ‘he has a better understanding of the American tax system than any previous president, which is why he is able to save tax.’

Trump said that he took advantage of the Tax Acts on the basis of his experience.

However, in the coming time, if this issue related to tax rises a little and it has a slight impact on the election, at least it will not be due to this debate.

‘This election will not end well’

The last part of the debate focused on the security of the election and the concerns related to it, in which both sides expressed concern that the election would not be free and fair.

If you go to the issues of this debate, then you can say that Donald Trump was misleading in most parts of the debate.

President Trump said that ‘the end of this election will not be good’ … and both sides can agree with his statement, although the reasons for this consent will be different.

Joe Biden tried to make his debate bigger by arguing that “he expects the entire process of counting votes and declaring the winner to be played with fairness and respect.”

It seemed that he had to say a few more things in the conclusion, but Donald Trump interrupted him. After this Chris Wallace announced the end of the debate.

This disorganized evening also ended abruptly, and the things that happened cannot be seen as a meaningful debate. The impact of such programs has little impact on elections and this debate was so chaotic that it would hardly have affected the decision of the voters.

This is probably bad news for Trump, as suburban women voters are his weaknesses, who say that he dislikes the mannerisms of President Donald Trump.

But if the goal of Trump was to give this election campaign a voice that no one could recognize and the voters would remain in the dilemma of what they want from this election and what their contribution can be in this election. His hard work this evening did not go in vain.

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