Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections

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 Hindu-Muslim or Kisan-Taliban, on which issues will the public vote?

Now less than six months are left for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections to be held.
The incident of farmers being crushed by the car of the Union Minister of State for Home in Lakhimpuri Kheri has given new life to the farmers’ movement and the politics associated with it.
Already the farmers of western UP on the border of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have been agitating for the last 10 months. He says that the leaders sitting in power understand only the language of votes, so in this election, people will be appealed not to vote for the ruling party BJP.
On the other hand, the ruling party also does not want to keep any section of the angry public angry. Even before the elections, he has not only increased the support price of sugarcane to persuade the farmers but has also allegedly played his social engineering card to woo the angry Brahmins and other castes in the state.

Experts are looking at the recent cabinet expansion of the state from this perspective. Even during the Union Cabinet expansion, special care was taken of Uttar Pradesh.

Ram temple issue
For many decades, the issue of Ram temple has been raised in every assembly election of Uttar Pradesh. This has also been an important part of BJP’s manifesto. After the decision of the Supreme Court, the construction work of the temple has started. However, the construction work of the temple will not be completed before the assembly elections. It is likely that this will be completed by the next Lok Sabha elections.
But it is not that this issue is no longer an issue with the construction of the temple. BJP would definitely like to take the credit for building the temple in this election. On the other hand, opposition parties would like to give credit to the Supreme Court instead of BJP.
The major population of the state is of Hindus. This is such an issue, by mentioning which BJP would like to mobilize the Hindu vote in its favour. It is natural to mention this in election rallies. But whether Kashi-Mathura will also be added to it, it has to be seen now.

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