India and Russia joint winners in Chess Olympiad

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India and Russia have been jointly declared winners in the Chess Olympiad.

In view of the corona epidemic, the International Chase Federation conducted the first online Chase Olympiad.

President of the International Chase Federation (FIDE), Arkady Dvorkovich, decided to give gold medals to both teams.

You will be surprised to know that the International Chase Federation had earlier declared India’s defeat. But after an hour, changing their decision, along with Russia, India was declared the winner.

How did India win even after losing

In fact, the International Chase Federation reported that two Indian players, Nihal Sarin and Divya Deshmukh, lost their connection to the game during the final match of the Chase Olympiad between India and Russia, and this damaged their time.

With which India made an official appeal and the case was investigated. After some time, both the teams were declared winners, reversing the decision.

ESPN journalist Susan Ninan tweeted, “Absolutely the server crashed. We were all logged out at the same time.”

This victory of India is also special because it reached the final of this tournament for the first time.

Legendary chess player Vishwanathan Anand expressed happiness by tweeting on this victory. He wrote, “We are champions. Congratulations Russia.”

Indian Chase Grandmaster Vidit Gujarati also tweeted, “We are champions. Very happy. Congratulations to Russia too.”

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