James Anderson of England created history, joined ‘600 Club’ in Test cricket

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James Anderson has become the first England bowler and the fourth bowler in the world to have touched 600 wickets in Test cricket.

England fast bowler James Anderson has created another new history in Test cricket. He has become the first England bowler to have a record of taking 600 wickets in Test cricket. However in Test cricket, there have been 3 such bowlers before Anderson, who have the charisma of taking more than 600 wickets in the oldest format of cricket.

Significantly, in the third Test between England and Pakistan, James Anderson has taken 5 wickets in Pakistan’s first innings and 2 in the second innings so far, which helped Anderson take the list of Test cricket’s most successful bowlers with 600 wickets in fourth place. Huh.

The bowlers who took more than 600 wickets in the first Test before James Anderson are Sri Lankan great spinner Muttiah Muralitharan, Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne and India’s most successful spin bowler Anil Kumble. Muralitharan has set a world record of taking 800 wickets in 133 Test matches. On the other hand, Shane Warne has taken the maximum 708 wickets in 145 Test matches played for Australia. Along with this, Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble has been named in the third place in this list. Kumble has taken 619 wickets in 132 matches of his Test career.

Talking about James Anderson’s Test career, he has played 156 Test matches for England. In which Jimmy has taken 600 wickets. During this time, James Anderson has taken 5 wickets 29 times in an innings of a Test match. Apart from this, James Anderson has done 10 wickets in a Test match 3 times. James Anderson’s best bowling performance in Test cricket is 7-42 wickets. Let us tell you that on the basis of the fatal bowling of James Anderson, the England team is on the verge of winning the 3 Test series against Pakistan.

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