List of the Teams that won the most in the Super Over

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Super matches are played as per ICC rules, if the match is a tie during the International T-Twenty match, the thrill of the Super Over was seen twice during the recent 5-match T20 series played against India and New Zealand, Both of these times Team India had won. Today in this article we will know about the teams that have won the most in Super Over. See, what place is Team India in this list.

  1. Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa – 1 win

Pakistan and Sri Lanka have played super overs 2-2 times in the International T-Twenty while South Africa have played super overs 1 time. However, all three teams have won 1–1 in the super over.

Apart from this, the Australian team has played super over twice, these days Australia has to face defeat.

2) West Indies and New Zealand – 2 wins

The West Indies have faced a super over 3 times so far, during which they have won 2 times and have suffered once.

Talking about New Zealand, the Kiwi team has played the highest number of super overs 7 times so far, in which the team has won only 2 times while they have had to be satisfied with the defeat 7 times.

3) England and India – 3 wins

India and England are on top of this list. India and England have played super overs 3-3 times so far. During which both the teams have won the teams matches.

India played in the ballout over against Pakistan in the ICC T-Twenty World Cup 2007 after a tie, during which India also won 3–0.

Other teams have also played super overs in the International T-Twenty, although only the top 8 records have been discussed in this article. How did you like this article? Do not forget to give your opinion and suggestions in the comment box.

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