Players of Indian origin who played cricket for another country and captained

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There have been many such great players in Indian cricket who have won everyone’s heart with their sport. At the same time, there are some cricketers who were born in India, but they played for the other country as well as they also got a chance to captain the other country in their careers.

Although there are plenty of Indian origin cricketers in foreign teams, but there are only a few cricketers who have got a chance to captain them. In such a situation, we know about such cricketers who are of Indian origin but played cricket for another country and also got a chance to captain the team.

Nasir Hussain, England

The first and well-known name in this sequence comes from former England captain Nasser Hussain. Nasir Hussain was born in Chennai, India, but since he was only 7 years old, his entire family had moved to England. Nasir Hussain made his debut for England in the year 1990. After this, he also got a chance to captain England in his cricket career. Nasir has captained 45 Tests for England. Hussain played 96 matches in the Test and scored 5764 runs during this period which included 14 centuries and 33 half-centuries. In ODIs, he scored 2332 runs in 88 matches, including 1 century and 16 half-centuries.

Hashim Amla – South Africa

South African cricketer Hashim Amla belongs to a Muslim family in Gujarat. Amla captained 14 Tests for South Africa, winning 4 and losing 4. Apart from this, Amla has also captained the South African team in 9 one-day matches and 2 T20 International matches. Amla is considered one of the best batsmen of South Africa. In his career, Amla scored 28 centuries in 124 Tests, while in the ODIs he played 181 matches and during this period, he showed the brilliance of scoring 27 centuries. Amla has also played 44 T20 Internationals.

Asif kareem

Aasif Karim of Kenya is also of Indian origin. Although Karim was born in Mombasa, Kenya’s port, his ancestors hail from India. Asif Karim made his debut for Kenya in 1996. Kenya had the distinction of playing the 1999 World Cup under Karim’s captaincy. Karim captained Kenya for 21 matches, with Kenya losing 6 in 15 and losing in 15. In his career, he played 34 ODIs and scored 228 runs, which included 1 half-century. Apart from this, Karim also took 27 wickets in ODIs.

Rohan Kanhai (West Indies)

Rohan Kanhai has been a cricketer of Indian origin. Even before India’s independence, Rohan Kanhai’s entire family had settled in Guyana. Kanhai played 79 Test matches for the West Indies and scored 6227 runs during this period which included 15 centuries and 28 half-centuries. Rohan captained the West Indies in 13 Tests, with the West Indies winning 3 Tests. Rohan Kanhai is considered one of the best batsmen of the West Indies.

Ashish Bagai – Canada

Ashish Bagai was born in Delhi. His family settled in Canada. Ashish Bagai played cricket for Canada and also became the captain of the national team. Bagai captained the Canadian team for 6 years. For Canada, he captained 62 ODIs and 9 T20 matches.

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