US Open 2020: Naomi Osaka defeated Victoria Ezarenka to win US Open

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Naomi Osaka has won her third Grand Slam by winning the US Open final. 22-year-old Japanese player Osaka won the match 1-6 6-3 6-3.

She was competing against 31-year-old Belarus’s Victoria Azarenka, who was playing her first US Open final since 2013.

Osaka has maintained its record of winning every final. After this victory, she has come at number three in the world ranking.

Naomi Osaka became the first Asian player to have won three Grand Slams.

After the match, Osaka told Ezarenka, “I used to watch you playing in childhood, it was inspiring for me to play with you. I have learned a lot from you.”

In fact, Ezarenka distanced herself from the sport in 2016 after she became pregnant and could not return after that due to her son’s fight for custody.

This match was being played in a very different situation in view of the corona virus. There was no audience at this Arthur Ash Stadium.

Due to the rule of social distancing, nobody has presented his trophy to Osaka but he himself lifted it from the table.

Although the start of the game was not easy for Osaka, he made many mistakes.

Sometimes she used to wrap the towel on her head to stabilize herself, and sometimes threw a racket in despair.

After his victory, Osaka said that he felt that it would be a matter of great embarrassment for him to lose this match in less than an hour.

Osaka has not only made her mark with her brilliant game, but she has also been vocal about racism and police brutality in America.

Prior to the start of the US Open, Osaka distanced himself from the Western and Southern Open semi-finals in protest of a shot by Jacob Blake.

Even in the first match of the US Open, he wore a mask of a black woman, Biona Taylor, who died of a police bullet in March.

In the same stadium, when Naomi stood on the podium after winning Osaka two years ago, she had tears in her eyes.

Then Naomi defeated her inspiration and great tennis player Sarina Williams. But it seemed as if she was apologizing for her victory.

In that match, Sareena Williams got into an argument with umpire Carlos Remos, and in anger, Sareena called the umpire a thief.

This match was won by Osaka and the first Grand Slam was done in his name, but the audience was making noise in the resentment about this match.

Osaka started crying after seeing this. Although Sarina Williams also encouraged her by placing her hand on his shoulder, but this victory was faded for Osaka.

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