This new feature of FB is released, video calling can be done with 50 people

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Facebook has made its new video chat feature Messenger Rooms available to everyone. Users can use it on any mobile and desktop. The company announced this on Thursday.

Messenger room is a video chatting tool like Zoom, with support for 50 people in a single room at a time. Such tools are in high demand at the time of lockdown.

The new product is very full of features and is an expanded version of the video calling function of Facebook Messenger. Through this, 50 people can talk on video calling through the main Facebook app or dedicated messenger. There will also be no time limit.

Facebook has said that you can decide who will join. Or if you want, make it public for everyone through a link. In such a case, those who do not have a Facebook account, can also join.

Facebook has informed that users can create rooms through news feeds, groups and events from Messenger or directly from Facebook. Users can also invite people who do not have a Facebook account through a link.

However, a condition in this is that, on the one hand, where all the users around the world can create rooms through Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, users of the US can create rooms directly from the Facebook app. The company has said that many new features will be added to the messenger rooms in the coming months.

Apart from this, let us tell you that apart from inviting anyone in your rooms, if you want, users can also remove anyone. Facebook has also given information in the blog post that if you want, you can also lock the rooms, so that no one else will be able to join. Messenger rooms will be available in the latest version of Facebook or Messenger apps.

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