Britain unlocking 97 days later, end of world’s toughest lockdown, lockdown will be completely removed from 21st June

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The lockdown, which has been going on for 97 days in Britain, is now slowly withdrawing. Due to less availability of Corona case there, the ban is being removed from many places.

After 97 days in Britain, it is looking bright again. Once again the roads, offices, markets, restaurants, parks have blossomed from the crowd of people. The smiling faces of the people are enough to tell the pain of being in captivity for 97 days and even then why the people of this country have defeated the corona virus. Now, very few corona cases are being found here. After the world’s longest and strict lockdown, now this country has started unlocking.

The lockdown was announced on 5 January due to uncontrolled corona virus. However, many restrictions were imposed in Britain since December. Now months later, hundreds, gyms, hair salons and retail stores have opened. While the country was a victim of Kovid’s aggression from December and January, around 50 thousand cases were being reported here every day and the death toll was constantly increasing. With which Britain has now got rid.

Britain will be fully unlocked from 21 June:

According to the information, the lockdown will be lifted completely from Britain from June 21. According to experts, when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions on January 4, everything was clear as to which sector would be closed and when it would be open. Due to this, people here did not have to bother.

Statistics of new patients reached below 4 thousand:

The British government has controlled the speed of Corona by running lockdown on one side and rapid vaccination on the other side. At the same time, Europe is still facing the third wave of corona due to slow vaccination and delay in lockdown. More than 55 thousand new cases were being received in Britain every day in January. Whereas now the figure of new patients has come down to 4 thousand. At the same time, Britain has installed more than 48% of its population as a covisiled vaccine.

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