First case of theft of corona vaccine in the country, 320 doses stolen from a government hospital in Jaipur

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After the theft of the vaccine, a case of theft has been registered against unknown people. It is believed that an employee of the hospital has assisted in this theft.

A shocking news has come from Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur. After the lack of Corona vaccine in Rajasthan, now the vaccine is also being stolen. 320 doses of co-vaccine were stolen from a government hospital in Jaipur. The health department has registered a case of theft against unknown thieves. The Health Department will also conduct an investigation whether the racket, which was illegally applying the vaccine, has not been activated.

This is the first case of theft of Corona vaccine across the country. The special thing is that when the CCTV footage was investigated, only the CCTV camera from the place where the vaccine was stolen was not working. In such a situation, there is a suspicion that this theft has been committed with the connivance of an employee of the hospital.

Rajasthan is the second state to vaccinate more than 1 crore people

Rajasthan has become the second such state in the country, which has immunized more than one crore people till Monday afternoon. State Medical and Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma congratulated the medical staff of the state for vaccinating more than one crore people. He also appealed to the people of the state to get a large number of vaccinations.

For the last four days, an average of 4.70 lakh people have been vaccinated every day. A total of 5.44 lakh vaccines were put on 5 April, 4.84 lakh vaccines on 6 April, 5.81 lakh vaccines on 7 April, 4.65 lakh vaccines on 8 April, 4.21 lakh people were vaccinated on 9 April, 10 April 2.96 lakhs, 1.11 lakh people were vaccinated on 11 April.

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