How to download YouTube videos to smartphone and laptop

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There is a flood of videos on social media nowadays. Facebook and Instagram are full of creative videos and the same is the case with YouTube. You will find the most videos on YouTube. Many times it happens that we like a YouTube video that we want to download, share with someone or keep it in the phone. Let us show you how to download videos from YouTube today.

How to save videos in YouTube app

Although YouTube allows the offline viewing of videos by downloading the app itself, but this feature is not available with many videos. If you want to download videos in this way, first open the YouTube app and go to the video you want to download. The download button will also appear along with the Like and Share buttons along with the video, by clicking on it you can download the video. Videos downloaded in this way can be viewed in the library.

How to download youtube video in smartphone

If you want to download a video forever in the phone, for this you will have to take help of Snaptube, a third party app. So first download this app from the app store. Then copy the link of the YouTube video that you want to download. Now paste the link in this app and then download.

How to download youtube videos to laptop

If you want to download a YouTube video in your laptop or computer, then here also you have to take help of third party website. You can do YouTube videos in laptop from many third party websites like First you have to copy the link of the video and then go to the search bar of these website and paste it. On these websites you also get many options for the quality of the video.

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