Now the file will be shared on one click, Google launches the most awaited Nearby Share feature

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Nearby Share: Google has launched its most awaited feature Nearby Share. It has been launched on the lines of Apple’s AirDrop. This Google app will share your personal file and app in another phone or computer in the blink of an eye. In this special care has been taken for privacy.

New Delhi: Google has also officially announced the Nearby Share feature for Android devices, on the lines of Apple’s AirDrop. This will be an inbuilt feature, with the help of which files and apps can be shared quickly across two Android devices.

Alternative app for Shareit

According to the company, it was initially released for select Google Pixel and Samsung devices. But in the coming days this feature will work on all devices with Android 6.0 version above. This app can also be called the alternative of popular app Shareit, which Google has launched in India after the ban of Chinese app. However, the question is definitely in the minds of people, how will Google’s Nearby Share be different?

How different from a third party app?

According to the statement, through this inbuilt app of Google, you can share files, photos, videos and links etc. It will be special that it will work on all Android devices, not on the smartphone of any brand. Apart from this, Google has completely encrypted the information of the sender and receiver, taking special care of the user’s privacy. For this feature, you just have to update your play store.

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