Three ways of tongue kissing that will make your partner crazy about you

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Kissing is one of the oldest and most popular ways of expressing love. Tongue kiss means that kiss in which the tongue is also involved, you can call it the second step of intimacy. Hope you must have crossed the first step by reading here and there. We are going to help you in mastering the second step i.e. Tongue Kiss. We have brought you three intoxicating ways to kiss your tongue, which are sure to make your partner go crazy for you.

Method 1: Tampered Tongue Kiss

In foreplay, both partners manipulate each other’s bodies to prepare them for the next steps. You can also do this work with your tongue. Touch each other’s tongues lightly. You will find how both of you will feel like getting electrocuted. Both of you can continue this action slowly for a long time.

Method 2: Lip Touching Tongue Kiss

It can be boring to keep touching each other’s tongue for a long time. The starting current may not be sustained for long. If you want to keep this fun for a long time, then take the tongue out of the partner’s mouth and move it lightly on his lips. Especially softly touching the upper lips of the partner can make him drowsy. You can touch the corner of the partner’s lips with your tongue. Yes, keep in mind that while touching the partner, do not rain saliva on him.

Method 3: Gentle Tongue Kiss

Tongue kissing is certainly a way to take the excitement to a new level of foreplay, but you have to keep in mind that this action does not have to be very fast or ruffy. The tongues of both of you should go in and out of each other’s mouth, but lightly. You have to keep the pressure very gentle. In between, both of you can lightly chew on each other’s lips. French can use tongue while kissing. Try it, surely your excitement will reach the next level.

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