The price of Indian currency in these 11 countries is very high

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Indians will become rich by going these countries. Choose one of these countries and enjoy the luxuries of life…

Everyone is crazy about seeing new places and traveling, many such people are so fond of traveling. Those who leave the country to roam and go abroad and see the litigants there. But money is needed the most in all these things, so today we will give such information. The value of foreign currency proves to be dwarf in comparison to Indian currency. Where Indians feel rich by going abroad.

Vietnam is a very beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, full of cultural and economic perspective. Throughout the years, tourists keep coming here to see. The value of one Indian Rupee in Vietnam is equal to 314.42 Vietnamese Dong. At the same time, its neighbouring country, Indonesia, which is called an island country situated between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, costs 194.40 an Indian rupee.

Cambodia, a major country in Southeast Asia, is visited by millions of tourists to see ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples. In Cambodia, one rupee in its country is equal to 55.86 rial. Mongolia, which boasts of adventure, landscape and its splendid cultural heritage, is where Selani come from all over the world to visit. The price of Indian one rupee is 39.10 Mongolia Tugrik.

Sri Lanka
Neighbouring country and the beautiful country of islands Sri Lanka, where millions of tourists go to see the beautiful sea, here the price of one Indian rupee is equal to 2.72 Sri Lankan rupees. While there is no need for much money to roam in Pakistan adjacent to the arch rival and Indian border. The cost of one rupee of our country is 2.13 Pakistani rupees.

The landlocked country Zimbabwe is a great place for wildlife enthusiasts. The price of an Indian rupee in Zimbabwe is 4.95 Zimbabwean Dollars. Iceland is a very beautiful country amidst snow-capped hills. Here the price of Indian one rupee is 1.65.

Where more money is needed to roam the European country, the cost of one rupee in Hungary, located in the heart of Europe, is 3.89 fort Hungarian. Very beautiful country for vacation nature Paraguay The price of one Indian Rupee is 91.72 Guarani. A landscaped country located close to the Pacific Ocean and the West Indies, Costa Rica costs one rupee 8.48 Costa Rican cologne.

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