Corona Virus: Why is Gujarat High Court angry with Rupani government?

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The Gujarat High Court has criticized the Gujarat government for not handling Corona-related cases properly.

So far, 888 deaths have been reported from Corona in the state and Gujarat, is second after Maharashtra in terms of the number of deaths.

The Gujarat High Court has said that poor people come to government hospitals for treatment, but it should not be construed that there is no significance to their lives.

The court said the high mortality rate of patients of Corona in government hospitals is a matter of concern and said that the government needs to be more alert.

The Gujarat High Court has also said that the government needs to provide facilities to the needy on a war footing.

A doctor’s letter

The reason of this resentment of Gujarat High Court is also being told a letter written by a resident doctor.

After taking suo motu cognizance of the High Court, the Government of Gujarat has sought time to take immediate action in this matter.

In this case, on behalf of the Government of Gujarat, government lawyer Manisha Shah, while appearing for the government, told the court that since May 6, the government has taken steps on a war footing in view of the increasing cases in Ahmedabad.

The government has ordered 42 hospitals to keep 50 beds empty for corona patients.

Earlier, the government has assigned MoUs (draft agreement) to 23 hospitals.

Four MoUs are currently hanging and eight hospitals are not interested in signing the MoU with the government.

Hospital disaster

The court reprimanded the government for the worsening conditions of the hospital, citing a letter from the resident doctor working at the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

According to the newspaper Indian Express, the main reason for the tough stand of the court was the letter of a resident doctor.

In the letter, the doctor has written in detail about the plight of the civil hospital.

The doctor has claimed that the hospital management is concerned about who will do the work if the resident doctor is in the grip of infection.

He says that no senior doctor comes to the emergency or visits to see the patients.

All patients see junior doctors and despite this, senior doctors call them cowards and fools.

Doctors’ corona test

In the letter, the doctor wrote, “Corona test positive of eight doctors of our department and five resident doctors of my unit has come. We have been told good and bad about getting the test done. For 30 days, 30 resident doctors were kept in Marriott Hotel Gone is the treatment underway. “

“But no one from the hospital management has informed us. When I was infected with the corona virus, I was on some other duty. Due to the closure of LG Hospital and the other 90% hospital in Ahmedabad.”

“Despite this, we were not given Personal Protective Equipment or N-95 masks. We did not even have gloves. The management was claiming that all these things have been sent to the 1,200-bed Kovid-19 hospital.”

Will the situation improve in government hospitals?

The resident doctor says that the management of the hospital is not worried that if a corona positive person works in the hospital then it can increase the risk of infection for other patients.

In the letter, the resident doctor wrote, “The day my corona test came positive, I had three normal deliveries and one delivery done through the operation. I came in contact with about 20 patients and newborns. So far this case No contact tracing has been done in the matter, nor has any officer investigated the matter. “

Gujarat High Court has said that the state government has failed to provide facilities to the poor. There is a severe shortage of facilities in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital and ventilator and oxygen facilities should be increased here.

The court said that despite the large number of deaths, the government is not taking a strong stand. The responsibility of the officials who have failed to provide proper healthcare should be fixed.

Court warning

The court said that doctors who are not coming to the civil hospital to work in the current crisis, should be immediately transferred. It is not appropriate that most of the work be handed over to resident doctors instead of senior doctors.

The court said that the government should not only increase the number of corona tests, but should also pay the expenses of the test to the private lab. Tests should be made compulsory for all patients discharged from the hospital.

The court said that all health workers, including doctors and nurses, should be given PPE kits and N-95 masks, as well as action should be taken under the Disaster Management Act against private hospitals who do not provide beds for Corona patients.

The court warned that if the government could not find the problems of doctors and patients in one of the largest hospitals in Gujarat, then the court itself would talk to the doctors through video conferencing.

Judge Justice Pastorwala of Gujarat High Court also said that in view of the crisis of epidemic, why the government has not taken up large hospitals like Apollo, Zydus, Global Hospital, Anand Surgical and UN Mehta, the government should give reasons for this.

Kovid Hospital

After the court rebuke, the Gujarat government immediately decided to ensure 1,200 beds for corona patients at the UN Mehta Hospital.

Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital MM Prabhakar, “We are giving adequate facilities to the doctors working here. We respect the Gujarat High Court order and will abide by it completely. We have been given the court’s new Guidelines will also be followed. A 1,200-bed Kovid Hospital has been made in the UN Mehta Hospital, which has started functioning from May 25. “

Regarding the high mortality rate in government hospitals, Dr. MM Prabhakar says, “Most of the patients who come here are in the last stage. It has twice as many patients as compared to other hospitalists, due to which the mortality rate is also high. . “

Doctor Prabhakar claims that more number of patients are receiving health benefits in this hospital. He says, “We have successfully delivered the corona infected women here. We have told the government about the lack of equipment and the government will make arrangements for the hospital in the coming days. After that the death rate will be reduced . “

What does the government say?

Principal Secretary of Health Department, Dr. Jayanthi Ravi has refused to comment on the matter saying that the matter is still in court.

He said, “We are doing everything possible to stop the corona from spreading. But this matter is still in court and I cannot comment on it.”

Gujarat Health Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel told that “the state government cannot take any independent decision regarding the Corona epidemic”.

He says, “We have to work according to the guidelines of ICMR and we are working accordingly.”

Nitin Patel also claimed that all kinds of facilities are being provided in the civil hospital. “We have arranged 21,000 beds for the corona patients in Gujarat,” he said.

He said, “The High Court has asked why some hospitals have not been involved in this work. We are talking to these hospitals. Next week the government will present its reply before the court.”

Congress charges

Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil has said that the government has completely failed to stop the Corona epidemic from spreading.

He says that the government has no action plan to deal with this epidemic. Due to this, a large number of people are dying here.

They ask that if the government’s failure can see the court, then why can’t the government itself see this thing?

What is a private hospital called?

The Gujarat High Court has also raised serious questions on the issue of private hospitals.

In this regard, Apollo Hospital PRO Sandeep Joshi told, “Geographically, Apollo Hospital is in Bhat village in Gandhinagar district. However, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has asked for separate beds here for the corona patients and we have different Beds are provided. We are treating the Corona patients there. “

At the same time business head doctor of Zydus Hospital VN Shah told, “We have not refused to ensure beds for Corona patients. In this kind of epidemic we are ready to provide all our facilities. As soon as the government orders are received Separate arrangements will be made for Corona patients as soon as possible.

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