Are you trying shower sex for the first time?

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If all the research is to be believed, then the bathroom is one of the most popular places to have sex. The survey is a bit old, that is, the year 2014, but according to a survey conducted by condom maker Durex on 1,000 Americans during that time, 54% of Americans believed that having sex in the shower was very satisfying for them. If you also want to enjoy shower sex, then we would like to tell you about the right way to start it.

Be flexible

A lot has been said and heard about shower sex. Especially its benefits are talked about so much that your mind immediately starts trying it, but preparation is very important for this. “The most important thing for this is that both the partners should be flexible, like a yoga teacher. It requires both upper body and lower body to be strong,” says Milan Vohra, India’s first Mills & Boon writer.

Accessories are also important

There are specially designed accessories like skid proof mats, single locking suction foot rests and single and dual locking suction handles to make shower sex a safe experience. These accessories allow couples to try multiple positions in the bathroom. Thanks to these accessories, you can enjoy sex without the fear of slipping and falling in the bathroom.

Check water temp

Most of the couples who try shower sex ignore this thing in the beginning, then later they understand its meaning, that is to check the water temperature. Since both of you have come to take a separate bath, then you do not know how hot the partner takes a bath, then both of you should proceed only after checking the temperature of the water first. Sharing her experience about this, Scarlett Gray, who writes erotica, says, “My husband and I like to experiment in sex. One day we planned shower sex. My husband went inside to prepare. He set the temperature of the water. I also went inside in a good mood. But as soon as I went inside, I came out screaming. That day I came to know that my husband takes bath with hot water, not lukewarm.

Don’t forget protection

When you are having shower sex, it is very possible that the matter of protection goes out of mind, but protection is very important, do not forget it. By the way, the chances of condoms slipping in the shower are quite high. “Many couples complain that their natural lubricant is not retained due to water. Such people use shower gel or soap as a lubricant. You should avoid doing this, as it may cause irritation. Instead, use silicone based gels and vegetable oils,” says Dr Nandkishore Shapur Kamalakar, Senior Consultant, Urologist, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Bangalore.

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