America and China face to face over Weigar Muslims again

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The US is planning to impose restrictions on many products exported from China’s Xinjiang province because of allegations that these products are made with bonded labor.

The items that have been proposed to be banned include items like cotton clothes and tomatoes, which are the main products involved in China’s exports.

The Trump government is continuously pressurizing China regarding the dealings with Weigar Muslims in Xinjiang.

In the last few years, China has tightened security in the name of the threat of extremism and separatism in Xinjiang.

It is estimated that about 10 lakh people have been detained without any litigation over minor mistakes. But China says that these are camps in which people are being re-educated.

The US Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is preparing a draft so that it can take hold of any imports on the basis of the bonded labor power.

USA and China

The intention of this law is to stop human trafficking, child labor and human rights abuses.

At the beginning of the year, US lawmakers proposed a law in which it was agreed that whatever products are made in Xinjiang are being made with bonded labor. Therefore, if this is not done then the producers will have to give certificates for this.

The United States and China have clashed several times over these tightly guarded detention camps in Xinjiang, but China says it is necessary for security.

Branda Smith, a CBP official, said in an interview to Reuters agency, “We don’t have any final decision but reasonable evidence that bonding labor is supplied in the supply chain of cotton clothing and tomato products made in Xinjiang.” There are fears. “

He said that we will continue our investigation for more evidence.

What could be the effect

This proposed ban can have an impact on those people of America who are associated with the trade of clothes and food items.

China grows 20 percent of its cotton worldwide and mainly in Xinjiang.

Recently, Disney, a major American film production company, had come into controversy over shooting the film Mulan in Xinjiang.

There are talk of boycott regarding this film as its main cast supported the arrests of protesters protesting in Hong Kong.

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