Are you also worried about the quick battery drain? Adopt these important tips

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Continuous use of the smartphone starts to decrease for the phone battery and leaves the phone battery in no time, in this case, here we are telling you some tips which can increase the life of your phone battery.

Smartphones have become a part of our lives. We have a smartphone in our hands throughout the day. Nowadays smartphones are being used more. Because of which the phone’s battery starts to drain very fast. Although heavy batteries have started coming in smartphones nowadays, but even one day people are unable to run the phone battery. There can be many reasons behind the low battery backup, here we are telling you about some reasons that can increase the battery life of your smartphone. Let’s know.

Adjust brightness

The biggest reason for poor battery backup in smartphones is that people keep the display brightness full, due to which more battery consumption starts. So set the brightness according to your need, or you can also use auto brightness mode. As the light determines the brightness, the battery consumption will be less and your phone will run without charging for a long time.

Set screen on tine

You can also improve battery backup by reducing the screen on time of your smartphone. For this, you can apply a screen timeout of 15 seconds. Tech experts also believe that a screen timeout of 15 seconds is the best.

Do not charge the phone repeatedly

Avoid charging your mobile phone frequently. Often people start charging the phone despite having 40-50 percent battery, which is not true at all. Only charge the phone when the battery is up to 20 percent and also keep in mind that never charge the phone up to 100 percent. Only charge up to 90 percent, by doing so, the battery life increases.

Don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

In our phones, we use Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS daily. But often forget to discontinue them after use. Because of which this battery is consumed.
Do not always keep the phone in Vibrate mode

Those who keep their mobile phones always in Vibrate mode, their phone battery drains quickly. Not only this, it is also dangerous for health along with the battery. If the vibrations that occur while touching the phone or while pressing any button, it should also be stopped because it also causes bad battery health.

Do not charge the phone with another charger

Always charge the phone with the same charger. Charger of another phone can damage both your phone and battery. Not only this, the use of fake chargers can also prove to be dangerous.

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