Dr Birbal Jha Features in World Heritage Encyclopedia

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New Delhi, 27 /04/2020

One of the prominent COVID-19 warriors, Dr Birbal Jha, who has been instrumental in making the help reach out to the Corona victims and highlighted the case of first  Corona infected Mohalla Clinic Dr Gopal  has got a coveted place in the World Heritage Encyclopedia for his outstanding social contribution  to the Dalit community in the country with respect to English skilling which Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the Architect of Indian Constitution, had once observed as the milk of lioness, one who drinks it becomes a lion.   

Dr Jha had written letters to Delhi Chief Minister and central health machinery, requesting them to take quick remedial measures. Later on, this drew the attention of national media and thus around 1200 people those came in contacts with the patient and doctor could be put in quarantine and this saved. The move also contained the spread of infection.

“In order to aid Bihar Dalits, Dr Birbal Jha, Managing Director of British Lingua, collaborated with the Government of Bihar to start Spoken English training in the state”, reads the World Heritage Encyclopedia in its latest edition freely available on the net.

Remarkably, Dr Birbal Jha created a revolution in English training with the slogan ‘English for all.’ The slogan became very effective in improving  the life skills  and the lifestyles of more than 30,000 youth from the poorest of the poor under the banner of his social enterprise British Lingua, a trademark of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd. 

Apart from top communication skills trainer, he is a social thinker, cultural activist, lyricist, linguist, etymologist, columnist and crusader. To his credit, he has more than 30 books covering the aspects of English communication skills, personal growth, manual, parenting, culture and society.

A postal stamp was issued on the Mithila Paag in 2017 following the ‘Save the Paag Campaign’ launched by Mithilalok Foundation, which he heads as founder Chairman. It was the highest recognition for his tireless social work.

In 2017, Dr Birbal Jha was accorded the status of the Youngest Living Legend of Mithila through a book that includes 25 personalities from the land of Mithila where Goddess Sita was born in the epoch of Treta. 

“Birbal Jha, who was born in the district of Bihar wrote score of books on the English language and worked to advance the cause of education in India, more particularly in Bihar. Jha’s book- Spoken English Kit besides Celebrate Your Life is a phenomenal success in Hindi speaking belt of India”,  further writes the  World Heritage Encyclopedia in its chapter as Bihar Literature. 

The ‘Namaste March’, a campaign under the social leadership of Dr Birbal Jha drew the global attention with outbreak of Corona virus, when it was in the early phase in the country.

The link of the website of World Heritage Encyclopedia where Dr Birbal Jha finds a mention: 

http://www.worldlibrary.in/articles/Dalit http://www.worldheritage.org/article/WHEBN0021839311/Bihari%20literature

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