Durga Pooja: Importance, Beliefs and how to Take Fast

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Durga Puja is a religious festival of Hindus in India that unites people in an Indian culture and manner. Lord Rama worshiped Goddess Durga before killing Ravana. Since then Durga Puja started. This festival is celebrated every year with enthusiasm and belief by the people. In many places, all people together celebrate the Durga Puja festival in cities and villages in a culturally and traditional way. Durga Puja is celebrated in different ways everywhere. Durga Puja of Kolkata of West Bengal is most famous. People wear their traditional clothes and perform Maa Durga Aarti and dance on drums.

Maa Durga killed Mahishasura after nine days and nights of fighting. On the last day of Durga Puja, the idol of Goddess Durga is immersed in the river. People provide food to the girls on this occasion and fairs are also organized along with it. The whole atmosphere is immersed in an atmosphere of happiness. Drama and Ramlila are also organized in many places on the Durga Puja festival. People seek blessings from Maa Durga and wish for happiness and prosperity.

Many festivals are celebrated in the year of India. Durga Puja is one of these. Shakti Rupa Maa Bhagwati is worshiped in this festival. This festival is celebrated in different states of the country. But in West Bengal, Durga Puja is organized on a large scale. On this occasion, puja pandals are constructed to present the cultural and social message in a very artistic manner to the public mind. The pandal which is unique and more attractive in itself is rewarded by the administration. On this occasion, by organizing various cultural events and competitions, the society is made aware and aware. The dates of celebrating Durga Puja are fixed according to the traditional Hindu calendar and the fortnight related to this festival is known as Devi Paksha, Devi Pakhwada.

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