Save your Smartphone from cyber hacking; use these methods

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Smartphone has become the most important thing in the time of ongoing lockdown in the country. Due to being at home, people have to do all their work online. Also, people are using Smartphones only to stay connected to each other. Some cyber hackers are also taking advantage of this need of the phone. They collect information of people by hacking phones and then misuse their private information from financial data.

If you also want to avoid hacking, then take special care of these things.

Whatever application you download in your phone, download it from a secure platform. Never download an app directly from a website. Before downloading any app (Apps), all its terms and conditions must be read and understood thoroughly.

If you want to buy something or do a financial transaction, then that website should start from https. S means security. If you put your financial data, such as bank details, debit / credit card information on a website without S, then this data is not safe. Anyone else can use it.

People have to be aware of cyber security and cyber security has to be adopted as a way of life. Never download unknown apps.

Nowadays some mobile spyware have arrived. Hackers make a missed call on your mobile phone, a spyware enters your phone and activates it. This spyware copies all the data of the phone and sends it out. Therefore you need to be very careful.

Know whether your phone is hacked or not

When the phone is hacked, it starts acting strangely. All applications open on their own. Data usage increases a lot. The app starts downloading itself. Downloading will not stop even after stopping. The phone gets hotter. In the hacked phone, a flood of popup advertisements starts. While surfing the Internet, so many advertisements start appearing in your phone that you get upset.

If your phone is being hacked then do not use that phone, run your work from any other phone. Make sure to take a backup of your phone. If the phone is hacked, then format it. Forensic examination of the phone is good. If you keep updating your mobile phone constantly, then you can save your phone from hacking by using the latest package.

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