Those not wearing face masks in Indonesia are punished for lying in the coffin, the trick to stop the corona

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In Indonesia these days, those not wearing face masks are being punished for lying in the coffin.

However, there is also the option of financial penalty or one hour service for not wearing a mask.

The coffin is usually for the dead. But in Jakarta, it is being used for living people. Here people are being looted in coffins for not wearing face masks. Controversial rules are quite bizarre amidst the prevention of Corona infection. But the intention of the government is to make the violator of the face mask rule to realize the potential danger.

What is this punishment for not wearing a face mask?

In Indonesia, the rule of punishment in the coffin will remain in force for the next few days. The government has said that it has had to take these steps to spread awareness about security measures. Local media in Indonesia say that violators of the rules have been given the option of lying in the coffin, economic punishment or social service as punishment. Those not paying the punishment amount will either have to lie in the coffin or do community service. They will have to work for one hour under community service.

If you do not pay the fine, you will have to lie in the coffin

Several people were caught without mask in East Jakarta’s Pasar Rebo. On Thursday, he was asked to remain in the coffin for a minute. The idea of ​​the rule of punishment for lying in the coffin has been revealed to the world for the first time. Through which the interest of people towards face mask is being ascertained. According to the order of East Jakarta, he hopes that economic punishment and punishment for community work will be enough. By which people will be able to follow the rules to prevent Kovid-19 infection.

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