Amazing Benefits of Sitaphal

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Sitaphal …. (Sharifa) is a very healthy, delicious fruit, but people know little about it. Sitaphal is a fruit available from August to November, i.e., from Ashwin to Magh month. Sitaphal brings coolness to the body. It is very nutritious fruit and is  beneficial in  containing vomiting. This fruit increases phlegm and semen, blood and is very effective in heart health.

  • Goddess Sitafal is associated with Bhagavan Rama and Mother Sita. It is believed that the forest fruit that Sita presented to Rama at the time of exile was named Sitafal. If you consume one Sitaphal in a day, you will get rid of many diseases.
  • Sitaphal is not just fruit, but medicine also. Experts say that people who are thinner, should eat Sitaphal. Eating Sitaphal not only removes the weakness of the body, but also increases manpower.
  • Sitaphal is a sweet fruit. It contains a lot of calories. It is easily digested and beneficial in ulcers and acidity. It contains good amount of iron and vitamin-C. Apart from this, Sitaphal acts like a panacea in many diseases.
  • Grind the seeds of Sitaphal with goat milk and apply it on the hair, the blown hair of the head will grow again.
  • Grind the seeds of Sitaphal and apply it on the head at night. Since the oil coming out of the seeds is poisonous, the eye should be protected while applying it to the hair.
  • Sitaphal removes nervousness, corrects the heart beat. It has a large variety, which is called Ramphal. Consumption of Sitaphal is beneficial for patients whose heart is weak, heart pulsation is high, there is nervousness and ¬†blood pressure is high.
  • Eating Sitaphal cures the burning sensation of the body by drinking syrup made from its pulp. Those whose body burn and stay hot all the time, they should regularly consume Sitaphal.
  • Sharifa is rich in vitamin A, which helps in keeping the skin healthy. It also prevents the marks of aging on the skin.
  • For the stomach … It contains soluble fibers, which are excellent for digestion.
  • It contains a lot of vitamin A, which is very beneficial for our hair, eyes and skin.
  • Grind the leaves of Sitaphal and apply it on the boils, the boils are cured.
  • In the case of weakness of the body, fatigue, and muscle weakness, eating Sitaphal is beneficial.

Eating raw fruit of Sitaphal is useful in diarrhea and dysentery. It is a very good fruit for the body. When the fruit is raw, cut and dry it and grind it and feed it to the patient. This will correct the problem of diarrhea.

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