Do these 5 things in the diet, it will remove iron deficiency

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Due to lack of iron in the body, many diseases can be faced. Symptoms include fatigue, headaches and dizziness due to its deficiency. This problem is largely seen in women.

But if these 5 things are included in the diet to meet the deficiency of iron in the body, then there will never be a deficiency of iron in the body.

Dry Fruits

Consuming dry fruits i.e.  dry fruits is very beneficial for our health. Iron is found in abundance in dry fruits. Apart from these, peanuts can also be consumed.


Consuming pomegranate is also very beneficial for our health. To remove iron deficiency, include pomegranate in your diet. Or you can also eat pomegranate juice every day.

Sugar beets

Beetroot, a source of iron deficiency in the body, is found in plenty. So those who are facing iron deficiency should add beetroot in their diet. Consuming beetroot daily is very beneficial.


Iron is found in good quantity in guava. Iron deficiency in the body can be overcome by the consumption of guava. This fruit also works to keep the digestive system strong. In such a situation, a certain amount of guava can be consumed daily during the guava season.


Spinach is rich in iron. In such a situation, people facing iron deficiency can include spinach in their diet. Spinach contains abundant amounts of calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, sodium, mineral salts and proteins.

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