How to Download Aarogya Setu App?

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Right now the same thing is being discussed in the whole country, nay the entire world. And the topic of that discussion in the Covid Virus.

This virus has caused havoc all over the world. Because of this, there has been an outcry in the whole world. To save people from this tragedy, the Indian government has launched a Corona tracking app. The name of this app is Aarogya Setu App. This app has been launched a few days ago but, in such a short span, 8 million people have already installed this App in their phones from Google Play Store.

How to Download Aarogya Setu App

Step 1: – To download this app, you will first have to go to your phone’s Google Play store and by going there, you will have to find the Aarogya Setu app.

Step 2: – After installing the App, you have to choose the language and click on Next. Currently, the app is available in 11 Indian languages including Hindi and English.

Step 3: – After that you have to on the Bluetooth and your location.

Step 4: – Keep your location sharing on Always Mode so that this App knows when and where you are going.

Step 5: – After this it has three-four slides, in which information about COVID-19 is given. After reading these information, you can proceed further.

Step 6: – Now you will get the option to register. You will need to add your mobile number. After you enter your phone number, you will have to type the OTP(One Time Password) that pops up on your mobile.

Step 7: – After this, some terms and conditions will come to you, which you will have to click on the “I agree” option that comes down.

Step 8: – After that the Arogya Setu App will ask for access to your phone’s location, allow it to be done. After this, a notification will come in your phone, in which it will be written that it also wants to access the Bluetooth devices coming in contact with your phone for 120 seconds. This is done so that the information about your travel history can also be found through the Bluetooth of your phone as well as all the devices around your phone, and you can know that in your surroundings, the person living is not himself corona infected or has not come from any corona infected places.

Step 9: – After this you have to fill personal details there. You will need to fill your name, age, occupation there. After this you will be asked: “Which countries you have visited in the last 30 days?”

Step 10: – If you have not traveled to any country, then fill NONE. But, if you have travelled abroad in near past, then tick the name of those countries. Click on submit now.

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